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Already in progress "El marginal 3" – 11/07/2018

With a very fun posting on a Twitter account, Nico Furtado he threw a box: he came Limit 3. "If there is a gangster, there is a moshisha, if there is a margi 2, there is a margi 3", wrote an actor who plays Diositu, one of the protagonists of the Underground series.

This year, Limit 2 He broke the audience and the ratings of the record when it was broadcast on public television. The first episode, broadcast on July 17, was the most watched program on official television in recent years. Success has also come to Netflix, thanks to the thousands of fans who made it a service of worship: platforms current are already available for two seasons.

The series of directors Adriana Caetana and Luis Ortega had their premier in 2016 on open television. And then he came to Netflix. Such was the success that the producers decided to make a second season that was presented as the "prequel" of the first (with what happened three years ago).

The story of Friars Borges, Furtado and Claudia Rissie, Juan Minujín entered the first season in a first-class cop who entered a jail with another identity to unlock the band they were leading.

In the second, released this year, Borges came to the jail and became powerful from the San Onofre Penitentiary and managed to manage all their inadmissible jobs.

The actors were also formed by Esteban Lamothe (the other entered as a prisoner), among others Martina Gusman, Gerardo Romano, Carlos Portaluppi, Abel Ayala and Roly Serrano.

Although there is currently no more data on the release date, it is well known that the footage will begin in March next year, in the former Caseros Prison, which acts as the main narrative scenario. Master 3 is scheduled for the second semester. It is not yet defined by which screen (if it is a cable, open or current, or a new "multipathform" system).

There are no details about the new scenario or where the story will go in the third season The Border, but it was confirmed that Furtado, Rissi, Romano and Gusman will continue to be the main characters of the story. New figures will be added to them.

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