Monday , May 17 2021

Amazon works in the satellite network to bring the internet to all parts of the world

Although it seems that the global village, for many, is increasingly linked, it is true that many regions on the planet have no good connection or lack resources to solve it. Amazon has confirmed that it is working on a project to launch a satellite network for delivering fast internet to small world locations.

GeekWire released GeekWire's website, which first reported on the Kuiper project, citing regulatory documents that showed the initiative could cost billions of dollars.

"Kuiper's project is a new initiative to launch a satellite-based satellite constellation around orbits that will enable fast, low-latent broadband connectivity to under-supplied and insufficiently supported communities across the globe," Amazon said in response to a request. news agency AFP.

"This is a long-term project that aims to serve tens of millions of people who do not have basic access to broadband Internet."

As described by GeekWire, the project plans to locate 3,236 satellites on low orbit at altitudes ranging from 590 kilometers to 630 kilometers.

The boundary of the space is internationally agreed 100 kilometers above the Earth, which is known as the Karman line.

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