Thursday , May 6 2021

American aircraft enter orbit around the asteroid

NASA went orbit around the ancient asteroid, setting up a couple of records.

Spacecraft Osiris-Rex entered the orbit on Tuesday (AEDT) around the asteroid Benn, 110 million miles from Earth.

It is the smallest body of the heavenly body that has ever circled into orbit. Bennu is just 500 meters away.

Circular aircraft are only 1.75km above the surface of the asteroid, which is another record.

Osiris-Rex arrived in Bennu in early December and fled in formation with her until the last maneuver.

The aim is to take gravel samples in 2020 for the return to Earth in 2023.

The New Year's Eve was just a few hours before another NASA explorer, New Horizons, was ready to fly alongside the ice-covered space rock behind Pluto.

Australian Associated Press

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