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Andrea Campbell has all told about Juan Darthesa's wife – 03/01/2019

Besides, it reveals it Juan Darthés (54) He hit a tail at a friend's meeting, Andrea Campbell (48), panelist Us in the morning (Thirteen, at 9), he told all about Mary, an actor's wife. And it was a lapidary with a marriage.

"I know, I spent Christmas with them, but after that (because of Thelma Fardin's complaint) I'm not gonna blend with him or her anymoreSomehow he was a little celebrated his glory. She's like a celebrity like him, as if one step up. Super society is what they have. He followed him on every message he had made. ÉHe needed five cuts and gave him five cuts"he began with Campbell.

"She somehow vampires her fame."

And she went on: "I think it is more logical than it isObviously, what she says is done. I did not live with them, but I know them. We have great mutual friends, who are the godfathers of their children. I blink it because I'm upset about this situation. "

Darthesa and his wife during a vacation in the Bahamas.

Darthesa and his wife during a vacation in the Bahamas.

Campbell also said that both Darthes and his wife had persistent seduction. "Juan was a seducer. I talked to him and we know that when you did an interview on the radio that filled the woman, he had a certain seduction. She (his wife) saw and persecuted the re-creation of such seduction situations, that I, as a former actress wife, was difficult for me, "he said.

In return, except to say that "was a very ugly situation in his friend group", where Darthesa's wife "He accused a friend of throwing " and that they "fought (with that pair)," she concluded: "She solved everything. It seemed to me that he had done what he had said to him.

Before that, also from the floor Us in the morningCampbell discovered that he belonged to a group of friends that had been more than ten years ago composed of the actor and Mary, his wife. And, according to his story, Darthes went with her during the Christmas dinner.

"We had many marriages and I was on my back." I just had Esmeralda, who apparently could not look like María who has a break. And coming back from behind, he said, "Will we eat?" and struck me like this (gesture of a sham) into a tail with a lot of intentions"he recalled.

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