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Andrea del Boca and Julio De Vido go to the oral discussion for the novel Mama Corazón – 15.04.2019

Federal Judge Sebastián Ramos concluded the investigation and initiated an oral trial against Andrea del Boca and Julia De Vido, where they are accused against public administration performed by Mama Corazón. The Telenovel was funded by the former Minister of Planning, through the University of San Martín (UNSAM), during the Kirchner Administration.

Judge Ramos had already, in the middle of last year, ruled De Vido as a "perpetrator" of the crime of fraud and shut him in a $ 60 million confiscation; while the actress and producer were treated as a "necessary participant," as well as UNSAM's then president, Carlos Ruta, who had an embargo for $ 50 million or $ 60 million. All the judge forbade their property to cover the amount deducted.

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At that time, Judge Ramos argued in his verdict that "this maneuver was planned and directed from the beginning to the employment of the production company Andrea del Boca". And he added this who responded to "predominantly political will and adopted before processing file processing. "

The aim was that the novel "is funded entirely by public funds and generates profits for the said company, whose managing partner Andrea del Boca was a person close to the government of that time, "Judge Ramos said.

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As Clarín published in his investigation, which began in June 2016, A + a Group's producer Andrea Del Boca collected more than 24 million pcs, by direct contracting of the ministry with which De Vido led, triangulated with UNSAM without bidding or checking the price.

The manufacturer is expected to charge $ 36.58 million and retain a profit of 10% when the current government suspended the contract. In addition, A + a group has already collected 76% of the novel, while the other batches that collected only 7% in the same agreements with UNSAM.

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Judge Ramos pointed out that "productivity and / or artistic quality", Andrea Del Boca, as a producer, is not in question but that "the way in which his project was selected and the way of contracting was put into question" adopted by UNSAM, in a clear violation of the existing regulations, "Ramos said.

The Federal Council confirmed the persecution and embargo. Judges Martín Irurzun and Leopoldo Bruglia point out that it is questionable not to conclude an agreement with UNSAM, "but denaturalization of its facility and its use to avoid control given the redirection of the public funds allocated, a hypothesis that is a priori configured in cars. "

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When tried, lawyer Andrea del Boca, Juan Pablo Fioribello, is convinced bugle "There was no crime, there was no overpayment, the cause has great political content, simply because it is led by De Vido." The minister who was embarrassed and who was certainly one of the men who had certainly been corrupted by Kirchner's administration. "

Judge Ramos brought to court eight more persons who had already been tried in the same court proceeding: Carlos Ruta, former UNSAM rector; Liliana Mazureformer head of the Institute for Cinematographic and Audiovisual Art (INCAA); Nadia Jacky, Director of Tostakija (for The Pact series); Maximilian Schwerdtfeger and Hugo Nielson, UNSAM Secretaries; and former K officials Luis Vitullo. Alberto García and Nahuel Billoni Ahumada.

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Is it with the novel Mama Corazón, the judge investigated the irregularities committed in the El Pacto series contract, is also funded by De Vido, but through INCAA. The former head of this body was prosecuted and confiscated at $ 5 million for the crime of "fraud by fraud on the expense of public administration".

The "El Pacto" series was about Kirchner's story of Pride of Pride, and produced by Tostaki, who received $ 4.55 million. In the miniseries they took part in the screenplay of the wife of Guillermo Morena, Marte Cascales. And that was broadcast on television in late 2011.

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"There was unnecessary outsourcing, which meant that ten percent of the budget allocated to the former Ministry of Planning was awarded to an educational institution, despite the fact that the organization of the competition was fully delegated to INCAA," said Ramos. in the middle of last year, when he worked on all those who participated in the El Pacto series. He added, "The question that is causing and creating suspicion is." why the contest did not run directly with INCAA, without the mediation of UNSAM. "

Now that the first instance investigation is closed, it will be necessary to draw a draw in which the premises of the Federal Council will conduct an oral discussion against Andrea del Boca, Julia De Vido and the other eight accused in this trial.

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