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Android Auto improves the music player and messages

Platform Android Auto With its new version, it receives important new features that make it simpler and safer to use a simple interface to further focus on the road.

In its version 3.8 update Improve music and message search, Then we are reviewing all of its news:


Android Auto Music

In this new version, it's easier and quicker to find the music we want to hear. Thanks to you a new design with beautiful views on the album we can quickly identify and choose music.

If we want to listen to something now, we have new voice commands. For example, we can now say things like "Ok Google, listen to music from the 80's," or "Ok Google, listen to Lilt" to see more categorized search results on the screen.

Android Auto Music

These new features for the music player are available in multimedia applications such as Google Play Books, Google Play Music, iHeartRadio, Pocket Casts, or Spotify.


Android Auto Messages

Android Auto can now show you a small number text review when the vehicle is stopped, If running, will not display the text of the message. The preview feature of this message is optional and must be activated from the Android Auto configuration.

Another new feature is that now, besides messages, SMS, Android Auto now supports multimedia messaging (MMS) and RCS chat messaging (rich communication services). With RCS support, group message support is provided.

Android Auto: Google Maps, Multimedia, and Messages

Android Auto: Google Maps, Multimedia, and Messages Changes depending on the device.

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