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Angela Pachana's Anger with Carlos Perciavalle: "You're Missing"

Angibala Pachana's Anger with Carlos Perciavalle: "Sos un descubicado" (Video: Blessed, nine)

Antonio is not in good health. Once I took him to Sanatorium Fleming, he was committed, now I do not know how he is … He has cancer in his ankles, in his knees. It has to do with the joints. Cancer can be treated today. He is not healing Besides, he has already made a divine life for what is ugly Carlos Perciavalle in Every afternoon They were amazed, they caused concern and anger.

"Look, I'll tell you one thing. First, it says with the evil that is visible to him. Awe-inspiring for theatrical success, enviable for what's happening with Anthony Gasall all over, "the man started in the kitchen.

"I'll tell you one thing: all people who have cancer, we made a decision to say it or not, and that's not why you have to judge it." is so gagá Perciavalle, so inexcusable "He continued very angry about what the Uruguayan artist had pronounced hours earlier.

"Sometimes old people are causing certain disorders, but you can not let that, if you do not want to say it, was the same thing that happened to me with HIV. If you do not want to say that, you do not have to force yourself to say something you do not want to say … do you understand …? because the disease is a private matter, "Pachano said.

"Certainly Antonio has many more opportunities for laughter, a hug of life, which I doubt Perciavalle has." And the person who has cancer tells you not only in the lung but in the head, metastases in the brain. You're in the wrong, but the first row, " bullet.

Controversial statements by Carlos Perciavalle on health Gasalla: Antonio's answer (Video: Every afternoon, nine)

currently, Antonio Gasalla, he just responded to the call for journalist Lio Pecoraro to broadcast the Maju Lozano program: "Let Carlos Perciavalle say what he wants"said the creator of the classic character "Bake".

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