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Announced by a fake case of ill-treatment, an 18-year-old boy was killed

Her best friend, after the quarrel, wanted to punish him and publish in the networks that he was sexually abused. Then the girl admitted she had lied and sought forgiveness. But it was too late, the young man committed suicide

Agustín Muñoz was 18 and lived in Bariloche. A few weeks ago, full complaints of harassment had been reported to him by his friend through social networks. And the subject became a virus. The same girl then went to clarify that she was all the lie while she was looking for forgiveness. But it was already late. Agustín killed himself.

Everything happened in Bariloche, when a girl, underage, accused Agustina of abusing her. The friend withdrew, saying it was not true that he did it at the moment of "anger." It was late. The appeal has already become very popular on social networks. Unsatisfactory, irrevocable.

The event was known yesterday when Silvina Castañeda's younger mother said that "my son, like many other boys, was a very sensitive being, and as a result he became emotionally unbalanced until he came to the decision that surprised us. to all. "

At the beginning of December, Agustin participated in the march of women who had the slogan "Never again, never quiet", which gathered dozens of young people in the Citizens' Center to see the women who died dead and seek abuses. But in that case, one of her friends publicly accused him of sexual assault before and after social networks.

The complainant who posted on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook was her best friend with whom she had arguments, and the protesters did not hesitate to push escrache without confirming that the facts were true. In March, which began at the corner of Brown and Onelli Street, the young man just ran back to his home and locked into his room after being warned.

The next few days, Agustín ceased contacting with others and remained in deep depression. Only a member of the social organization complained about abusing Bariloche and offered to take part in another march where he would be told his case was false. However, this isolated gesture did not improve the teenagers sinking and already sink into the dark spiral.


Silvina Castañeda, mother of Agustina, says that her son always participated in marriages with teachers, students and women, that she was "a struggling boy who supported many women in the struggle for her rights."

So he went to the marsh where he discovered the surprise that his name was screaming.

"He was startled, he managed to run home, he was desperate, told me what happened to him, when we went to look for a virus-transmitted publication, I came into contact with that girl, she thought, we had a great love for her, he apologized quickly to stop everything, "she described.

According to the story of Agustin's parents, the girl admitted that what she did was a way of punishing her friend after a typical fight between a teenager. So the girl wrote a series of messages on networks claiming that Agustín had abused her. And the complaint immediately became viral.

"Today the girl mistreated my son on Instagram for anger, and now he does not know how to stop the ball," Agustin's mother wrote. "Playing with this is terrible, it's a shame of all the victims of rape, abuse, and humiliation, and for you to take so much care of you at home, I do not understand how you paid my son for friendship!

The false report spread like a fire, and then the girl tried to stop her, but it was too late. "It was a moment of anger and anger," said the girl at Instagram. But in the meantime, Augustine tune in the pit, in bed, without food.

"People take excuses as a public example, but apologies did not appear the same way"

Silvina Castañeda Mother of Agustina

"We all know that there are lists of written boys, but it's playing with something very dangerous and unbalanced nothing more or nothing less than youth," Silvina wrote, "but there must be a limit on it, you can not take the boys in those cases, there laziness, because in the end we quit the same, is not healthy, is not a useful tool for the formation of complete adults.

In her nets, Silvina had her girlfriends conversations with a girl's public apology.

"It was a moment of anger and anger," wrote a young woman in her Instagram account, who is no longer active to correct her complaint. "I did not know how to see it." He also apologized for "for defamation," and "because he sent me more than once to his house, glittering confidence." "You learned from the mistakes and I sent them," he concluded.

"We had great affection for her and I think that was the reason she quickly apologized for trying to stop everything," Silvina said, who also said Agustín forgave her "because they loved him". However, the complaint was still viral, and his son was depressed. "He was very bad in bed, he did not want to eat," she said.

"People take excuses as a public example, a somewhat exemplary, punitive punishment, but the apologies did not become viral in the same way, no one approached, no one apologized, problems between boys would always exist, but adults had destructive approval, many children in their home must go through this situation, "added her mother.

Finally, Agustin's parents published a video clip in which, before the juvenile, they blamed the adults who did not take the necessary measures to check the information and keep their child.

"Today, December 30, they attack a person who has made a mistake, just trying to create consciousness, I do not hate the human being, my son has forgiven her and that's very important." "Stop chasing a girl, her family is terrible," said Agustin's mother.

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