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Another foreign engine was arrested: it was forbidden to enter Argentina and have been released for less than 24 hours

The police from the city police went to the area when at Calle Virrey Liniers in 900 saw two men on a motorcycle, When they noticed police presence, they made a maneuver to avoid and hid behind a parked truck.

That attitude drew the attention of the police, who approached to identify the suspects. When it looked at the data, the system showed it The motorcycle driver, the Uruguayan citizen of 36 years, had an obstacle to enter the expulsion country in case he was found.

The request was filed by the National Criminal Court number 4, Marcelo Peluzzi.

also, his companion also recorded the current command to seize theft.

The perpetrators were transferred to the local police station 5B of the city police and made available to the judiciary. The National Criminal and Criminal Court number 62 intervened in an incident in charge of Patricia Guichandut, who ordered the release of both suspects.

The case of a Colombian motorcycle that was released after paying 700 pips

Jurado Mora, 25, arrived in the country just over a month ago and never resigned. Last Tuesday, January 22, he stole a young 18-year-old mobile phone waiting to cross the Avalanche La Plata traffic light at 100. The villain, who was on the Bajaj Dominar 400 motorcycle, grabbed the iPhone 7 and escaped at all speeds.

The thief arrested members of the Police Station 5A City Police several blocks after a short search that ended after making a bad maneuver and hit the car.

In his native Colombia, Jurado Moras has an important criminal record: He was convicted of "heavy plunder" in 2016 because of domestic violence, and in 2017 he was sentenced to 4 years and 6 months for weapons trading in his country.

Upon the order of the Office of Criminal and Criminal-Correctional Prosecutor's Office no. 54, who was in charge of Dor Olivier, after being arrested, was charged with "an attempt to rob a motorcycle". The next day, The National Criminal Court in the Criminal-Correctional House no. 62, in charge of Patricia Susan Guichandut, initiated proceedings against Jurad Mor for "provocative robbery" and granted her a conditional sentence.

For this reason, the judge in the shortened procedure determined the obligation to meet the four conditions: to regulate his situation in migrations, to present each month in the area of ​​control and the Directorate for the offense, not to consume drugs or alcohol for a year and compensate for the $ 700 $ 700 Theft. So Jurado Moras got his freedom again on Thursday.

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