Saturday , May 15 2021

Argentine stocks at Wall Street fell by 70% during 2018

The most significant landslides were recorded in Banco Supervielle (-70.4%), Banco Macro (-61.8%) and Corporación América (-59.4%) in the last twelve months.

While, during December, the worst drops were recorded by Despegar (-16.9%), Mercado Libre (-16.8%) and Corporación América (16.9%), according to information provided by Rava Bursátil.

Meanwhile, the most significant increase in the month was recorded by Edenor (5.1%) and Loma Negra (4.6%).

The last round of the year, on the other hand, closed most of the increase, highlighting the progress achieved by Pampa Energia (4.7%), Transportadora de Gas del Sur (5.3%) and Loma Negra (4.5%).

Wall Street

The stock market in New York closed the day on Monday, rising, but in the global year affected the rise in interest rates in the United States, global economic slowdown and several political uncertainties.

According to final results, Dow Jones Industrial Average grew 1.15% to 23.327,46 points, Nasdaq 0.77% to 6.635,28 points and S & P 500 to 0.85% to 2.506.85 points.

In the year Dow Jones lost 5.6%, Nasdaq 3.9%, and S & P 500 6.2%.


European Stock Exchange closed mild trading on Monday, the last session in 2018, a year in which between 10% and 20% declined in the context of Brexit, the commercial war and the fear of growth, like the world markets.

year ended up "worse than expected" for markets, Daniel Larrouturou, executive director of Diamant Bleu Gestion, told AFP. "The concerns that existed were there, but no one even thought it would cause such a significant drop in European indices."

The Chinese-US trade dispute will continue to be one of the major fears for investors in 2019, with "the issue of Brexit, the economic downturn and the attitude that the central banks will adopt," he added.

US stock market indices had a tough year, with European indexes falling.

Wall Street has embarked on US Federal Reserve announcements, which raised interest rates and thus increased the cost of investor loans, the impatience of a trade dispute between Beijing and Washington or the evolution of technological value.

The fall in oil prices has played a role in the evolution of the activities of large European groups while the financial values ​​suffered a low European rate and the struggle between the European Commission and Rome for the Italian budget.

On the other hand, automobile manufacturers and industry were the victims of falling demand and new regulations against pollution.

The Eurostoxx 50 European composite index ended just under 3.000 points a year, recording a contraction of almost 15% in twelve months.

In Paris, CAC 40 recorded the worst year of 2018 in 2011. The Paris index has lost 10.95% of its value. In London, FTSE-100 fell by 12.48% in one year.

In other European countries, the drop was similar: in Lisbon -15%, in Amsterdam -10%, in Brussels -20%, in Madrid -15%, in Milan by almost -20% and in Switzerland -10%.

Frankfurt, where the last session was Friday, Dax recorded his fifth worst year in the last thirty years: -18.3%.

In Asia, the Nikkei index in Tokyo lost 12.1%, Shanghai 24.6% and Hong Kong 14%. Against today's Bovespa de San Pablo shot by 13%.

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