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Arguments that Alberto Fernández prepares for meeting with the IMF

Along with official candidacy, Alberto Fernández is already taking the presidential exam. The economy, the link with the International Monetary Fund, is a central issue and it will meet with it Alejandro Werner, Director of Western Hemisphere and Country Representative, Trevor Alleyne.

As President Frente de Todos, he received a message from an international organization he wants to question him about his vision of the agreement he has signed with Argentina and economic perspectives. He will also meet with Robert Lavagno, a presidential candidate for consensus.

Alberto Fernandez insists he is clear about the urgency of the country and is convinced that the prescription to be applied will not be able to find the exit after December 11th. He does not even speak for himself as a winner, but judges who he is chosen, The first day of the new government will be crucial for all.

A meeting with representatives of the IMF will be on Thursday 27th, following his trip to Tucuman and before his trip to Misiones.

Fernandez has several counselors but also her own plan. He will suggest that Argentina needs a program that does not just aim to stop the exchangeIt is against the cooling of the economy. "I had to rule without inflation," he recalls when he compared the moment with Néstor Kirchner's presidency in the presidency of the nation. And add it to the dialog Infoabe: "There is no indicator that is good, the economy is a disaster". That is why his first analysis is the starting point for the next president.

Prior to the meeting, as usual, he will talk to economists surrounding him. The diary is Matías Kulfas and Ceccilia Todesca. He talks about debts with Guillermo Nielsen. He also listens to Axel Kicillof and Emmanuel Alvarez Agis. Both say they are "very clever".

"The first challenge is that the Fund understands that it has made a mistake by lending money to the government that borrowed the creditor's money and used it to pay foreign currency, which left us a long fund, and the creditors are virtually intact," he said in a conversation with Radio Con Yesterday morning.

"The Fund did not listen," she also complained and pointed to the moment as "fiction". Earth is "already in delay," he said.

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