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"Around the World": an emotional visit to Mirko's wife who took him into the womb

She was born on October 27, 2017 Mirko, son of Marley, Measured at 51 centimeters and weighs 3,200 kg. As a result of publications that drivers make on their social networks, and because they always travel together Worldwide, little soon became an authentic star and outstrip three million followers in your Instagram account.

Mirko was born of a stomach lying in Los Angeles. About the biological mother, Marley said at the time, in conversation intruder: "I did not choose it because of my hair or eyes, but mainly because of my health, There is a kind of family tree with the predecessors of a family disease. I found a girl who found what she was looking for, she is a girl from Siberia, Russia, who lives in the United States. "The driver spoke to her only minutes and Skype, but the person she knew personally was a surrogate mother who was pregnant.

Now, last Sunday, the first program of the new season Worldwide, in which Marley traveled with Mirko and Susana Giménez for Sidney. There, of course, they knew the main tourist attractions and some of the most impressive scenery. But what the driver and his son will remember most will not be anything like that, but the encounter they had with Brittany, a woman who took a little in her belly.

The driver and his son met Brittany in a very emotional visit. "Hi, beautiful. God, that's great. I can not believe it's the same baby. So so beautiful … "the woman said when she saw Mirko. She received her with a smile and moments later she began to play with the glasses that were on the table and threw them.

Mirkov meeting with the woman who wore it in her belly (Video: "Por el mundo" – Telefe)

"We decided with our family to have Mirko because we always wanted to help the family, we always help the children, we contribute, we go to the church, and one day We talked to her husband and wanted to do something more for the family"Broji Brittany."

-Marley: The choice was mutual because they presented my story and you are present at the same time.

-Brittany: They sent us pictures of your family and told us that we have 24 hours to choose each other.

-Marley, We had a Skype conversation. I saw you being a good person, going to the church, having good humor. I said: "She must be a lady who leads Mirko to birth. "

-Brittany: When I saw your profile I knew you were the one, for your career and for everything you did. We educated kids in the United States and adopted them, but when I said I wanted to be a surrogate, my husband said, "Uh, this is a big step." My husband was my right armHe was always with me. My kids did not understand much because they were kids so it was easy with them. My husband told me that this was a good decision.

-Marley: When was healing, were you nervous?

-Brittany: Yes, very nervous, We have never experienced anything like that before.

-MarleyDo you have to take a lot of medication?

-Brittany: I did all I had to do. It was a bit complicated, but we did. When they told me I was ready for surgery I was excited.

-Marley: We talked a lot about everything that happened to us. And how did they tell you you were pregnant?

-Brittany: I drove and got a call, but I lost it. Then they called me again They told me I was pregnantI asked them, "Really?" It did not seem to me, I felt normal.

-Marley: I was walking listening to music and feeling how the phone vibrates. They sent me a message saying "good news, pregnancy". I was frozen, I remember listening to the song Sie. I could not believe … "

Brittany's wife's emotions (Video: "For the World" – Telefe)

Then a message came from Marley that she walked on the Sydney beach with Brittany and her husband. The man was delighted with the conversation with the driver and, in tears, said: "It was a real experience, we never did something like that, it was a blessing from heaven, I want to thank you … We want you to take the laws so that more people in Argentina could have the same blessing you had ".

Exactly, Marley also ruled in this regard: "We wanted Mirko to meet again and ask Let the law go out so people can have their own familyWomen, men, two men, two women or a man and a woman who can not have a baby and can. There are no laws for it in the United States as well. "

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