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Asteroid that can turn all the Earth's inhabitants into billionaires

06/30/2019 – 09:51 World

scientists they discovered that asteroid Psiha 16 It consists of heavy metals whose value is estimated at 700 quintillion dollarsso it can be turned into billionaires to all people on Earth, has published the Oil Price Portal.

According to the American environment, this space object is between Mars and Jupiter, about 750,000 million kilometers Earthand contains sufficiently heavy metals (for example gold. iron and nickel) so that every inhabitant of our planet gets it trillion dollars. OUR plans to explore the asteroid since 2022.

"The"golden titans"Now they control hundreds of the most productive real estate in the world, but 4 to 5 million ounces of gold each year bring the market pale in comparison to the conquests available in the universe," he said. Scott Moore, executive director of the company EuroSun Mining.

However, John Zarnecki, Professor and President of the Royal Astronomical Society United Kingdom, estimates that it would take about 25 years to get a "conceptual demonstration" of whether it was possible to extract gold from the space and half a century to begin commercial production. All this would depend on two key factors: its economic viability and the development of our space technology.

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