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Banco Macro will first offer all its cards with contactless technology

Banco Macro will first offer all its cards with contactless technology

Banco Macrose is consolidated as the leading provider of technological innovations. Since February, the first bank will issue all its credit and debit cards with contactless technology for its customers, the General Portfolio and Macro Selecta.

The change will be made in all registrations, replacements, re-releases and renewal of debit and credit cards Visa and Mastercard. American Express will be added in a short time.

There is more and more stores in Argentina and abroad that have this service that allows you to buy in a simple, fast and secure way, and Banco Macroespionero provides the users with the best available technology.

With contactless cards, it is not necessary for a trader to insert plastic into the terminal or to read the magnetic tape because the payment is made due to the proximity of the posnet card.

In addition, this system does not require a voucher or a DNI to purchase up to US $ 1,000. Stores that do not yet have the technology for contactless communication should replace the poses, but require a special configuration.

The contact technology offered by Banco Macro enables secure transactions because it is added to the current CHIP technology, maintaining the highest security standards.

Currently, Banco Macro has more than 2.4M credit cards and 3, 3M debit cards so all of our clients will benefit from this change.

"In BancoMacro, we believe that we have to cease to be the subjects of supply, to be a bank of demand, which means you have to put the client in the center and be able to understand from their vision what they need or what they expect from the creation of products and services. our priorities are to improve customer service, both in branch offices and in technology, "said Milagro Medrano, Head of Institutional Relations and Services at Banco Macro.

Banco Macro consists of Banco Macro and Banco Tucumán Grupo Macro, with 8915 employees, 1463 ATMs, 918 self-service terminals and 486 service points, and is currently the private bank with the largest network of branch offices around the country. , positioning itself as the number one of the national private equity banks.

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