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Barcelona coach told how captain of the captain Messi – 01/01/2019

Each time he puts on a Barcelona shirt, Lionel Messi delivers a touch of his football. But there is little to know about working in the dressing room or why, after leaving Andres Inieste, he became a captain of the team. In an interview for a Catalan club, coach Ernesto Valverde said the leadership was Rosaria.

The Catalan team coach has decided to highlight the feature of the 2018 striker in the main European leagues: responsibility, "What I would point out about him is the degree of responsibility he has towards the team," he said.

"This is something that is displayed in every game and that It makes you want to play quickly after injury, which is suffering from discomfort and to appear when it has to appear, when there is an important match, the first one is there. It's hard to do it permanently, with great mental strength, it's not easy, I have not seen an equal competitor, "he added.

Leo is on vacation in Rosario, where he spent Fiestas, and is expected to return to Spain in the upcoming hours. Certainly, the captain will not miss the training on January 4 at the open door, after which the campus players will traditionally visit hospitals for the day of kings.

The future of Valverde and the goals of Barcelona

In a lengthy interview with Barça's TV, Valverde also revealed that he no longer wanted to talk about the future. "I never think of long-term or long-termbecause even two months is it. The coach wants everyone to be well and happy with the job they are doing, but I realize that if you do not win a league everyone looks at the coach, because that is so. I'm trying to meet the goals and the way we're left to see what's going to happen, "she analyzed.

The coach discussed the upcoming issue of renewal. "The break that you do from summer to Christmas does not win anything, because there is still the other half of the season, but there you can lose a lot of things, our first round last year in the league was almost final to get the title," he said. .

"In the same way, it is not the same to be the first in the Champions League group, and much more this year because of the way crosses are, we are in the dynamic we wanted." We had great moments in the league, we are leaders for somethinghe added.

Just winning the Champions League, after so many Real Madrid successes, is an inevitable title Barcelona asks: "It's an illusion like every year, the illusion is restored, what has happened and what you have in front of you is what you are doing, You want to compete even if it is not a guarantee that you will win, the experience is useful for what's coming. We look forward to winning the Champions League as well as winning the league".

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