Sunday , May 16 2021

Belgrano plays with the need to win Godoy Cruz and give other results not to drop: time, TV and formation

From 15.15, Belgrano receives Godoy Cruz in Córdoba with the aim of adding three points and waiting on what is happening in other game definitions to know if you can keep the category.

Belgrano has only one option. Dream, you first have to win against TombaYes, you get that mission, then he must hope that Tigre and San Martín de San Juan will not win and win Argentinos in Paraná. which would decide to play a leap on the Patronage.

The Harvest of Pirates in this Super League was decisive for ending the tournament involved in the struggle for stability. With 21 points in 24 days, thanks to winning only three matches, he is in the last place in the lineup. Three days ago, in the neighborhood of Alberdi, he won 3-0 for Patronato, allowing him to reach the final date with the chances of remaining at the peak of Argentine football.

For the match against Godoy Cruz, Diego Osella has to resolve who will be Belgrano ahead. There is a suspicion between Diega Mendoza and Gonzalo Lencina. The defense will see the new face, as the suspensions of Tomas Drivers, Juan Quiroge and Joaquin Novilla are likely to enter Juan Patiño, Matías Nani and Christian Almeida.

The present team of Mendoza has nothing to do with what the Cordovan public will live on, S 32 units, Lucasa Bernardija marries at the 14th Superliga, but also plays Copa Libertadores. As it happened in the first two match zones, Godoy Cruz called for a visit to Chile before the Universidad de Concepción.

Faced with what will be a key duel for aspirations to qualify for the knockout stage of the continental tournament, next Tuesday at the Olympics in Paraguay, it is possible for Mendoza coach to propose alternative training similar to the one he won last August Patronage as a local.

Today will be a clash number 14 in the history between both equipment. Godoy Cruz won six times, Belgrano did it in three and equaled four times. The last time? In Mendoza, with so many Garra and Sebastian Garcia, the locals won 2-1 in Superliga 2017/2018.

Belgrano: César Rigamonti; Juan Patiño, Marcelo Herrera, Matías Nani and Christian Almeida; Federico Lertora; Mauricio Cuero, Marcelo Meli, Maximiliano Lugo and Cristian Techera; Diego Mendoza or Gonzalo Lenčina. DT: Diego Osella.

Godoy Cruz: Andrés Mehring; Nahuel Arena, Brian Alférez, Facundo Rodríguez and Agustín Aleo; Agustin Verdugo, Hernán Bernardello, Iván Smith and Diego Sosa; Victorio Ramis and Miguel Merentiel. DT: Lucas Bernardi.

referee: Patricio Loustau

stadiumArmando Pérez (Córdoba)

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