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Betty Elizabeth, the emblematic figure of the Argentine radio, died

Betty Elizabeth died in 78 Source: Archive

"I do not know how to be a life without radio," asked Betty Elizabeth, who died after years of long and heavy disease fighting at the age of 78. This statement of the principle that summarizes life in a few words is as relevant as the question of what to do in Argentina was without it. For now, he would miss one of his best votes. He went further than anyone in creating fantasies, incentives and fascinating imaginary seductive scenarios that came from his presence in
Seven months Crandall was also a combat conductor of the cycle, who held firmly and convinced of the admiration of honesty and unwavering authenticity. In her more imaginative cycles and moments when she looked at reality, Elizabeth never stopped confirming her beliefs and recording from the microphone as she struggled for them.

Rather, he did almost always do so because he did not feel comfortable in the crowd. "I have a lot of difficulties in moving around with people, and fun at the party is an embarrassment because it means meeting people I do not know, creating new relationships, anything that I can not communicate in private life, can comment on it as I do now over radio," he said is once. When she arrived at the radio, at age 18, she had already given her some evidence of this behavior, illuminated in early rebellions with some family mandates. "I was raised to the Inquisition, all that art was considered to be the work of the atorns," he admitted.

He was born as Beatriz Deolinda Bistagnino on 4 January 1940 in a very conservative family. As a girl she played the piano, dreamed about the theater, and even imagined the doctor's future. "I say I know what the Inquisition is, because they were in my house ultra-Catholics, and the Spanish grandmother and mother were completely subjected to mother, old cult and divine, but very bad, even if she really prayed." Everything was very rigid and strict, and I was a leaf in the wind, my father was a very sensitive guy, the son of the Italian and anarchist souls, even though my mother and my grandmother were against it, "he remembers on one occasion. all that she once came home as a teenager once and she said she wanted to be a speaker after attending the Radio Splendida show, her father replied: "We do not want this in this house …"

So he was convinced of his fate that he had received a loan money from the aunt who needed to enter ISER, at the age of 18 he was debiting on radio, the media dedicated to her and giving her the best of her life for over fifty years, During that time he became one of the great classic radio and voice radio characters. On her evening she handed over her prominent fellow Nucha Amengual and Nora Perlé to the audience with an unbeatable value of seductive and velvety voices and at the same time was built, especially in the coming seasons
Always Betty, his cycle of head, a place that is highly respected as an interviewer and observer of reality.

She was a methodical, demanding and rigorous expert. Since he liked to experiment with sound, he enjoyed the ability to reproduce in the air conditioner workshop of any street talk and therefore experimented with the proximity or distance of his place in front of the microphone, causing him more than one disgusting operator who was not used to working with her. "It is very nice to make this statement in the air that the door is open, between the guest, I say," how are you? "And he greeted me from the door, and then he comes close and through those who listen to it. He creates the real idea of ​​what's going on in the studio, I do not have to say that sounds are transmitted to him," he said in an interview published on Radio Narrative.

Betty Elizabeth was a methodical, demanding and rigorous professional
Betty Elizabeth was a methodical, demanding and rigorous professional Source: Archive

The defender of radial mysticism and good production teams tried to avoid other screens contaminating their programs or influencing the choice of topics to be discussed. She loved good conversations without a limited time (compilation of her best talk with big characters became the Perfiles book, released in 1999) and the style of communication that she herself defined as a "para-journalist". They are very much reminded of their participation in memorable cycles such as
Green chicken and
Good afternoon From this latest program he always said that he was "in the heart" because intimate friendship with the writer Tom Eloy Martinez came from there. He was also very close
Fernando Peña whom he considered almost a brother.

Elizabeth has always provided a great deal to AM and was an audacious listener of all kinds of news programs. From his demanding spirit and professionalism he did not have a complex saying that he was struggling to see how people did not have the right training for their place in the microphone. She also said she was sorry because in recent years she has become a field of "false opinion and confrontation between journalists and television companies".

He has published television, but has been labeled radially since the beginning. We found his face and his perfect diction in 1981 when he and César Mascetti and Silvio Huberman each morning
From 7 to 8, in duplex with Radio Belgrano. Luis Clur, the director of this journalistic shipment, soon promoted him and put it in his head
At noon with Betty That same year. Later he tried to get lucky with the consumer defense program
(Defend yourself in 13) and he had no luck in filing for a journalist documentary
So it happened, too much craving to watch police events.

There were occasional performances, because Betty Elizabeth's place was not on TV but on the radio. He has won two Martín Fierro, one Konex, three Clarín awards, and has won numerous domestic and international awards. And at the end of 2009 he celebrated the golden wedding on the radio. At this point, as he always did during his career, he responded to all the congratulations, congratulations and thanks to the intestines he repeated every time he appeared. Another statement of the principle: "Here is a vile old lady who is the oldest office in the world, communication." Everyone knew it was a game. In everyday business, in loving loved ones, in the deep love she had for radio, Betty Elizabeth made a cult of dignity. And that behavior kept it all the way down, even in sharp moments, when it was supposed to ask medications that did not provide healthcare in 2015.

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