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Boca started working on Alfare's order, with some unexpected presence – 03/01/2019

After the official presentation, the technical director Gustavo Alfaro The first meeting with Boca had a Thursday. He was inside Yellow house, where he appeared before the players with whom he had a brief talk before being subjected to usual medical examinations prior to the season. And besides showing strenuousness, there were several outside appearances.

Among the players that appeared was the Uruguayan Nahitan Nandez, who at that time negotiated a new contract with the club due to rumors of a possible transfer to European football.

Gustavo Alfaro and his associates of the first day of work in Boca.

Gustavo Alfaro and his associates of the first day of work in Boca.

Juveniles are not Manuel Roffo. Agustín Almendra and Leonardo Balerdi, who were affected by national team training under 20 Fernando Batista and is preparing to play South American Chile starting 17th this month.

On the other hand, Fernando Gago appeared. The midfielder recovered from another serious injury, shooting Achilles' right leg, and appeared on this special day with his handcuff on his back to greet his teammates.

Another one who did not want to miss Casa Amarilla was Lisandro Magallán, the central defender was transferred to Ajax from the Netherlands for a total of 9 million euros in gross.

In the near future, Boca's pre-season will resume on Thursday in the second scenario. The campus will work in the Sofitel de Cardales hotel, where it will be concentrated.

Before re-launching the Superliga, where Sunday's 27th Rosaría will play against Newell, Alfaro's team can win two matches at Mar del Plata. First, 16, will be seen with the Unión de Santa Fe, and 20 will face Aldosivi.

Among the novelties in the passage market, beyond what is happening with Nandez, there is an expectation for a possible departure Agustín Rossiwho could go to Independiente if he sold Campaign Martina in Santos de Jorge Sampaoli.

On the other side, Borussia Dortmund returned to the cargo to Balerdi, for whom a bid of EUR 12 million was received with a plus of EUR 2.5 million for goals in return for a five-year contract.

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