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But you are the same! Matilda's photo that shows that Luciani is identical

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November 29, 2018

Just a few days after the first birthday, Matildin's mother shared the girl's picture together with her once when she was at the same age. The similarity is impressive!

Matilda was born on December 15 in the United States thanks to the abdominal surrogate. Before a painful treatment passes, Luciana Salazar went to the sperm bank and chose the person who would be a donor, whose embryo was embedded in a woman who would give birth to a baby.

while the ovule extraction process allowed Luli to freeze 15 ovary cells and 5 embryosSalazar has still not commented on whether to focus on this method again, as did the parents of two babies born with the same technique: Mirko, sin Marley and Dionisio, sin Flavio MendozaFor a moment and until he decides, Matilda's mother has to pay a fee for retention of eggs and embryos.

No doubt, both Mirko as Matilda and Dionisio They are the three most famous babies in the country. The popularity that manifests in his Instagram accounts where he is a son Marley (the oldest of three) who visited a large part of the world There are 2.3 million followers. Matilda barely exceeds 76 thousand, as the mother constantly shares the child's pictures on her own Instagram and Twitter account. The smallest of the children in 2018, Dionisio Mendoza has already been exceeded 80 thousand, proving that they are three babies!

While preparing everything to celebrate the first year of life Matilda. Luciana He shared a picture that was entirely approved by one of the best friends in the middle, Marcelo Polino, There you can see similarities on the faces "Mom and Mat"Luli, who was completely confused with her daughter, turned her attention to the fact that the image did not have the liking of Lucian's sister Camille Salazar, who recently had a ban on the model after her" frustrated "attempt to defend Luli against Ángel de Brito.

Poor nurse: Camila Salazar wanted Luli's bank, but Matilda's mother ignored her

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