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Carrió presented his book in Mar del Plato and called for Vidala's vote: "María Eugenia is a guarantee for the province and nation"

"Talking about me, people are in. They are critical if the line is already lost, they are fixed if I go, if I come or if I'm …"

Tito Merello played in the background when Elisa Carrió entered the side door in the Torreón del Monje cellar and more than four hundred participants, mostly a woman of the third age – as the defendant defined and defined her, began singing her name: "Lilita, Lilita!"

At the entrance there were no twelve booths of choripenas and burgers, nor some thirty sellers of shirts, shirts and posters with faces Néstor and Cristine Kirchner from the nearby Provincial Hotel, surrounded by the noise of the militants.

But on the three breakpoints of the former president's book presentation, and just a few minutes before the age of 18, a group of ladies complained because they were not allowed to approach: the place was already full. "We just want to hear the voice, what happened to people who did not put on the screen?" That's the number one policy"a woman who resigned in the end could resign.

At that time, in the underworld of traditional Marburgese treats, almost no one could fit. And Carrió did not disappoint.

Cristine Kirchner's record – in the background, through windows, the image of Vice Presidential candidate Frente de Todos is visible on the screens set in front of the Bristole Beach – the leader of the Civic Coalition has improvised acidic, deep and ironic monologue who was delighted by the audience in which he reviewed his childhood in Chaco, family changes and his political career, and took advantage of the opportunity to leave strong definitions of government, allies and friends Mauricia Macri, to request a vote for María Eugenia Vidal and Guillermo Montenegro – La Feliza mayor candidate – and a return to crap against the former president, the so-called "political wing" of the ruling party and judge of Dolores, Aleja Ramos Padille.

"You think the governor would be Anibal Fernandez, to see him (Vidal), I also see myself, know the place where he lives almost prey, the problems his children have when they go to school." . Half the Stalinist to decide, but it's okay, he has authority"Carrió first said at a press conference he had given to local media before going underground to present his book" Life "in the company of Montenegro and Armando Abruzzo, former advisor Raúl Alfonso, with whom he met at the constituent convention in 1994.

"María Eugenia is a guarantee for the province and nation"he insisted. And he tried to defend the governor as an allusion to critics Cristine Kirchner, a "separate" politicians who, according to the launch, are treated by means like "fairies", "virgins", "angels", in apparent reference to Vidal.

"I do not know it's a virgin because a widow is divorced or because he is a hymen or not. I know she's a virgin in case she's one transparent and has a good heart, We need to be able to admire what we already have over 60, Cristina is 66, we must know how to recognize the young, we must be recognized from the third age. We have to follow, but we do not have to be in the first place, "the deputy opposed, while the former president was still talking about three beaches.

Somewhat later, in the midst of a monologue that began dozens of laughter and applause from stalling older citizens, the legislator reminded her once again of abandoning "active politics" and planning to miss the Parliament "whenever she wanted." "When I need it, I'll be there", he warned when he still has two years of banking.

The leader of the Civil Coalition arrived on Friday in Mar del Plata support the Vidal campaign, who visited this Pearl on Thursday, and Montenegro, in a key city: it is the twelfth district of the country that is still inhabited by more than a dozen provinces, and is led by a fierce intervention between Montenegro and Radical Vilma Baragiola, who comes with extreme parity towards PASO.

Under the circumstances of the former judge, who in his introduction recalled the time he met with Carrió during his training as a prosecutor in the case investigated by Víctor Alderete, former head of PAMI Menemist, Macri's picture has increased 10 in the past few months in the city of punishment as a small urban center due to the economic crisis.

"Lilita" took about noon from her home in Exaltación de la Cruz by car, in custody and deputy Juan Manuel López. They stopped only to buy coffee halfway and continue their journey: they came to a confectionary house where they were waiting for the presentation of Montenegro, Maricel Etchecoin and several CC leaders. The return is scheduled for Sunday.

The deputy did not lose anything. Again defended Macri and the "republic". "The AFIP chief complained (Angela) Calcaterri, the president's first cousin, Mauricio Macri did this, telling him he never handed over to Macro Macri because of the contract and because he had also put the mammoth in Punta del Este what I find scary, "he said in relation to Manantiales, the complex that the presidential family has been occupying for years.

And he followed him to a somewhat weaker path. "Men are complex, they have two faces, but (Daniel) Angelica has no power he had four years ago, there are some who do not have the power they have." Nicky "(Nicolás) Caputo has no power he had before the political wing has disappeared with Mary Eugene because we are politically, there is no politician"he continued, sour, not even mentioning Rogelia Frigerio, Emilia Monzo or Nicolas Massot, a representative of the so-called" political wing "Together for Change.

"What happened (Germán) Garavan?" Asked Abruzzi, who sat on the stage and watched the monologue, sometimes in the form standing, the deputy who came and went have fun on the stage. "He is still an imbecile, an imbecile condition, he is in the academy …" he replied to the minister of justice asking for his recall. The audience laughed, like those of the North American series.

In more than 40 minutes of talk, "Lilita" also had a short passage mentioning Alejo Ramos Padilla and a case that deals with Dolores linked to the former spy Marcello D 'Alessia: the judge treated her as a "moron". "If this moron of Dolores wants to close me, the problem is that there must be a demonstration for air conditioning"She dropped her." The audience laughed again with enthusiasm, and before that it was abundant that prosecutor Carlos Stornelli was okay to not appear in the courtroom in Buenos Aires.

"They re-elected Macri and, as my grandmother said, I say what I want," Carrió promised as he spoke on average as though he had been in those years, and in those last weeks he did not say anything. "My childhood was Macondo," he recalled, like Gabriele Garcíe Marquez's novel.

For Carrió, Mar del Plata has a special taste: he has always returned a good number of votes. He got it, for example, in 2007. "Mar del Plata replied, she supported me, took care of me, fell in love with her, fell in love with me"He said.

As the night fell, and the waiters Torreón del Monje came and went, the deputy continued to sign the books of the present: he sat for more than an hour and a half. He devoted his work and smoked.

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