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Catherine Fulop gave her an unpleasant lament to Mirthi Legrand – 04/07/2019

Catherine Fulop (54) was one of the guests in return Night of Mirtha (Saturday at 20 pm, El Trece). In addition, describing the crisis experienced by Venezuela, your country, he blurted at the driver for that time Hugo Chávez on your desk.

"I always remember sitting here Chavez, I do not know if I was here Macri (Mauricio) and there was Chavez sitting there and he was charming," Fulop said.

"Yes, he was wonderful, even sang tango", he recalled Mirtha Legrand (92). "But a serpent's snake," she added This Sabatini (53). Then the bride announced: "Catherine invited me to torture me."

– Yes, I called because I knew that If you were a Venezuelan, you would not vote (the driver said the air would). That was long ago – concludes Cathy.

Fulop and Mirtha talked about it program from 2003At that time Chávez was President of Venezuela (he died in 2013) and moved to Mirth with Macro, who was in charge of Boca and I wanted to be head of the government.

Among other issues, Chávez and Macri talked about "past" and "uncertainty". "I have a social vision of all these issues," the Venezuelan said. He added, "But at the same time you can not be right with God and the Devil."

"You have to look forward," Macri intervened. "Problems of insecurity are solved by creating jobs," he added.

As a broker, Mirtha asked, "So they are all happy, right, left, rich, poor … How is this done?" Both leaders continued to argue without agreement.

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After criticizing live on Saturday, Fulop deepened his opinion on Venezuela's news.

"The regime is fierce, armed a paramilitary force colony to kill unarmed people, he said.

And he progressed: "Everything that's going on is very sad: March 7 in Venezuela, the electrical system has fallen and this has made us. People ended up swimming in a river where sewage flows, the drainage is drained and this is already a health alarm. "

Also, Fulop apologized for sending his family from Venezuela. "People are angry, I believe the Venezuelan people must continue on the street, besides that we will not raise that regime with these marshals, they are more than drug smugglers, they are the criminals who have given up all the mafia," he said.

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And he compared the Venezuelan crisis with what he was experiencing in Argentina. "I know we have a lot of problems here, that we are very bad, but Venezuela is worse, it is very dangerous, It is serious that Latin America has installed a station for terrorism and narcotics smuggling. "

At the same time, the Venezuelan commented that her criticisms were not now, but "16 years ago I remember saying that I was dictatorship in Venezuela, at that time I fell all over the world," he said.

And he concluded, "I think so The only choice Chávez really won was the first, from that moment on, there were never any free elections in Venezuela. We really seek help. "


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