Friday , April 16 2021

Cavani and his arrival in Boca, according to the Uruguayan team

Arrival Edinson Cavani And Bottle This generates a lot of expectations in the fans and Argentine football, but also in Uruguay. Of course, the scorer is one of La Celeste’s biggest exponents. “Is it good for the national team if Cavani goes to Boca or does it matter?” They asked Maria Rebolla, Oscar assistant Washington Tabárez.. And the answer was not very clear … Yes or no?

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“The priority is to play where he is comfortable and with a good competitive level. If it’s close here, it would be great, but if it’s not comfortable, I wouldn’t put up with it much. “said the Master’s assistant since 2006, when he took over the office of chosen one for the second time.

“We could use Cavani play where you feel comfortable. I don’t care if it’s a Bottle or some other place, where it’s better. We have to have that with rhythm and competition“Rebollo noticed in the” 2 de punta “program.

In Tabárez’s last call, for interrupted qualifying dates in March, Cavani did not show up due to his inactivity in Manchester.

Just one of the reasons why Cavani decided to leave Europe his desire is to be closer to the family that is in Salta, a city about five hours from Buenos Aires and his dream to train Bottle 9 to celebrate a goal hanging on a fence like Manteca. Also, Tabárez and his coaching staff could also use one of their best players within walking distance to better track him.

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After being unemployed for several days due to injury, Cavani played again on Sunday entering from the bench in the 19th minute of the second half in a 3-1 defeat Manchester United against Leicester for the FA Cup.

The Uruguayan’s contract with the Red Devils expires 6/30, with a renewal clause for another year that is not automatic, so you can leave the club without any problems.

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