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Centurion's Response to Whistles – 04/08/2019

It was the only unlucky moment of a champion party. Driver Diego Leunis made a pause at the ceremony, thanking publicly for the club's name for the players who participated in the season but who for some reason were not present at Cilindra. And he began to list them. "Thank you, Gustavo Bou," he heard through the loudspeakers. Answer: Closed applause. And he followed immediately. "Ricardo Centurión". And part of the fans gave their verdict: whistles, while others remained silent and paid with applause.

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The face of some Academy players showed a surprise for what was happening. In addition to problems with out-of-school sports, Ricky (almost) always handed over to the field, where he surrendered to the team's maximum and was an important part of the first leg of the championship. Nevertheless, a part of the cylinder (each if only a few or if it represents the majority) ended up condemning Ricky's destiny.

Centurion Post:

Centurion's post: "Not all of us except 90% love".

A few minutes later the steering wheel reacted in its own way. It worked through social networks (in time, in your Instagram account), where he shared a warehouse that he later deleted. You could read the message that was sent, saying: "I'm not sorry, I say, thank you Cent, I love you very much. And I did not finish this championship because I did not see how you celebrate, but I'm sure that within you you know that you are a genius, break in. In return, Ricardo added the phrase: "Not all of us except 90% love".


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