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Change Plan: Jorge Rial continues in "Uljezima" throughout the year – 31.12.2018

The last days of 2018 Jorge Rial he would say goodbye intruder (America, Monday to Friday in 13) at the end of February 2019.

His departure from the historic cycle of performances, as reported, is a consequence personal clothing and the need to implement new work projects, such as introducing fiction as a producer or executing a file cycle.

The US program manager confirmed that Rial would be in charge of

Programmer America has confirmed that Rial will be in charge of the "intruders" all in 2019

and other personalities like marriage – It's going to be mid-year with his girlfriend Romina Pereiro, with whom he dealt with the Christmas Eve. Everyone was crying (for the daughters both). It was a very special moment. We both want to get married now, but there is still no date. I suppose it will be during 2019, he said when he announced the news about his show.

but 2018 closed with a television bomb. Liliana Parodi, who is in charge of managing programming in America, has confirmed it the journalist will continue at the beginning intruder next year.

The parody was inside involved (America, Monday to Friday at 11 am), where he reviewed the news that the channel will have and gave the news: "Jorge Rial is still in America all in 2019."

Jorge stays all year long. We are happy I hope you get married quickly and do not take a honeymoon, hehe. We love love, but nobody misses the jobLiliana was joking about the marriage of a driver with Romina Pereiro.

Then, as with other news, Parody said Sergio Goycochea joined the table Controversy at the bar and A driver who will replace Santiago del Moro incurable. One of the candidates would have been Diego Leuco, recently separated from them Marian's Diary (Thirteen). Meanwhile, Paulo Vilouta will continue to lead as a substitute during the summer.

As Rial explained the air, during the summer intruder He will extend his schedule from 13.30 to 16.30. As Clarín could find out, from March, your schedule will be shortened to two hours, probably from 13 to 15 o'clock.

Jorge and Romina were engaged in the Christmas Eve. They marry during 2019.

Jorge and Romina were engaged in the Christmas Eve. They marry during 2019.

In addition, Rial has everything to do with the channel to spend the weekly cycle – Saturday night – which will be a new version of the classic TVR for now it would be called TV Nostra, The first time it would appear in mid-March or early April.

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