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China came to the moon and showed the images of the hidden face of the satellite

January 3, 2019

The Asian country plan is to conduct studies on radio frequencies, crops and mineral resources in the universe. The importance of this event is in the opinion of Diega Bagua, Director of Planetarium of the City of La Plate.

The dark side of the moon

For the first time in history, China was able to disembark on the hidden side of Earth's satellite. This is what the Asian Space Agency said, sharing the first images of the intriguing sector.

Crew ship "Chang & # 39; E-4" It was launched on December 8, and last Sunday it entered the elliptical lunar orbit. Finally, on Thursday, he touched the lunar surface and began to work.

Moonlighting has been calculated to match the light periods that reach the invisible part of the satellite. It was necessary for the landing module and the scanning vehicle to work optimally.

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The probe came into contact with Moon landing in the vast crater Von Kárman, located in the Aitken basin on the south pole. After his arrival, he took a series of pictures and sent them to the Chinese agency. These are the first images of this face that can not be seen from Earth.

Chinese companies hope that they will be able to analyze the composition of this country, the relief that has been recorded in this area and the possibility of crop production, as well as the knowledge of their mineral resources. All this, it could give more tools to know the origin of satellites.

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The mission will also develop other scientific experiments. It contains egg yolks, seeds of potatoes and flowers.

It is expected that next year China will send what will be the "Chang 5" probe with the intent to take Moon Moon samples and bring them to Earth for study purposes.

The dark side of the moon

In the dialogue with Radio Miter, Diego Bagú, Plate Planetarium Director, emphasized the importance of this historic event.

"It's the first time that you can control yourself down to the hidden moon side", said the astronomer and added: "It's important from a scientific point of view because it's not visible from Earth, no radio frequency interference generated on our planet and we have a cleaner sky." This allows a much more interesting study of the universe in general".

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