Sunday , May 16 2021

China Suarez discovered the reason why she became a vegetarian: "I can not eat meat again"

The actress has radically changed six years ago and spoke Lunch with Mirth of Legrandom.

China Suarez discovered why he became a vegetarian six years ago:

Mirtha Legrand started the 51st season in front Lunch with Mirth of LegrandomOn her first Sunday table she visited China Suárez. Benjamín Vicuña, Flor Peña, Mike Amigorena, Peter Lanzani and Diego Leuco.

Talk to China about success Argentina, a land of love and revengeChiqui advised him about food. "For six years I've been a vegetarian, I've never eaten meat anymore … No decision … I had to make a protein diet. Abzurdah I had to make a very protein diet of meat and chicken, "she began.

"I said," I go for a week to detoxify "and I could not eat anymore." I never felt I felt because I loved animals, I ate steaks, I did eat vegetable protein, lots of walnuts, legumes, "Suarez added.

In addition, the actress also talked about feeding her baby, 1 year old, the fruit of her love with Vicuña. "magnolia It's also vegetarian. I believe most of the generations coming will not be able to believe we've eaten so much meat. It's not easy, you have to be educated, he added.

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