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Choices of 2019 Chubut: Kirchnerism battle stick put on PASO of Peronism and Cambiemos came third

The current Governor Mariano Arcioni voted most, but if all Peronist candidates are added, the Patriotic Front Chubuta is a favorite list of generals.

April 7, 2019

With more than 37%from the tables counted, PASO Chubuta gave another unfavorable result to Alianz Cambiemos, whose candidate for the governor, Gustavo Menna was in third place and very far from the current governor, Mariano Arcioni

On the other hand, in the internal Peronis there is a very close result between César Mac Karthyel, 14.65% and Kirchner Carlos Linares, 11.98%. Third in that intern is Hector Burgoa, with 4.05%.

This competition defines who will be the candidate of Peronism at the general elections. In order to cover all the voices of prisoners, the front is well-positioned so that it can move forward and defeat the current president.


Looking at the front, Chubut towards the Front (Arcioni) won 31.27% of votes, followed by Patriot Front Chubut (Peronism) with more than 30% and Cambiemos, third with 15.08%.

The general elections will be June 9th. According to what was reported by local authorities, more than 442,000 people were qualified to vote, in a total of 1325 tables deployed in 229 schools in Chubut.

In addition, provincial councilors and 13 mayors were also elected.

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