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Civil service: little education, many disciplines …

Security Minister Patricia Bullrich and Minister of Education Alejandro Finocchiaro, they were in charge of explaining the details of the new Civic Volunteer Service, a kind of volunteer who operated macrism.

Far from scattering the suspicions that emerged around this new "service" that would be in the hands of the gendarmerie, the officials were tasked to confirm regressive character of the initiative. "It is for boys who do nothing today who are on the street and who do not study, who have left high school," were the words of the minister of education.

"The main goal is to introduce children and young people to. T the system of value accountability, the value of discipline, they will greet the flag every morning, There will be a workshop for professional guidance, first aid workshops and craft workshops that will enable young people to find guidance, "said Bullrich at a press conference.

"It's for kids who do nothing today"

The latent question is why the government wants to include children who have been expelled from the educational system in orbit of the gendarmerie. For that, Bullrich tried to answer the class: "We see this in the sense of appropriate, there are many young people coming from the interior of the country, mostly from the northern provinces, very little from the south, and they make great efforts to improve, "the minister explained. "Because that is the force that strives," he added.

The Minister of Education has made known the aim of this new type of kolo. "It's for kids who do nothing today, who are on the street and do not study, who have left high school ", noted Finocchiaro, who distinguished that space from high school.

Physical and technical training

Bullrich defended the initiative and assured that young people would receive first and foremost "physical training" and "technical". He also said he would include the program with the forces "Huge Opportunity to Provide Youth Exit, Way to Freedom".

After speaking in terms of "order" and "discipline," the minister tried to alleviate the activities the boys would carry out. "The gendarmerie staff with the young will be disarmed, there will be no weapons nearby. activity based on physical education, horse therapy … topics that are important to generate a kind of idea, order, generate a restraint system, he explained.

In the same line, given that behind this the process of learning, Finocchiaro acknowledged the central role that his portfolio will have, The officer explained that the ministry "through the Institute of Technical Education will be included in the program" to see how they accredit "crafts" dictated by the courses.

"It's not something new in the world, but something we will experience and to believe that this will be something very good and positive for young Argentinians, "he said of the end after imprecise giving some information about similar systems which, according to official opinion, were" mandatory "replicated in Germany and France.

How will volunteer service work?

The new Civic Service, to be implemented from September on the first pilot experience, It will work in six provinces and will accommodate up to 1,200 boys between the ages of 16 and 20. The first quota will be opened in Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Santiago del Estero and Rio Negro under the alleged "training on democratic and republican values," according to a resolution published on Tuesday in the Official Gazette.

As clarified by the Minister of Security, a new Civic Volunteer Service initially will not have an economic scholarship, but they are not excluded for later. The registration will be open on August 1 and will last until September 22nd. The first course will last from September to December.

"Young people will approach voluntarily because they will have the opportunity to be in a place where they will see many things they have never seen. They will learn to work with unmanned aerial vehiclesbe in contact with animals and quality technology, "said Bullrich. He added: "Mothers are the ones who will help the children to register."

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