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Code 18 is already on Google Play and we can control it on Android TV

Code 18 & # 39; Leia & # 39; it has been long in the testing phase. In fact, his first alpha runs until March 5, 2018. Nearly a year later, a development team has released a stable version for all platforms, Including Android. You can check all the news with the Code wiki, but some will point out the most important ones that came to Android.

In summary, Code 18 has been updated voice control support on Android TV, application access requirements have been increased and the ability to move the application to the SD card is enabled.

Voice, Multiple Voice and Android Lollipop


Starting with the voice, Code 18 has been implemented voice function in text on Android TV OSD Keyboard code, which can be activated using the dedicated button on the remote control. Also, you can now search content using Google HelpFinally, the Code allows you to display the content of your library on the main Android TV interface and to ask you to play a random movie, a music album that you have not heard yet or shows you suggestions.

On the other side, Now the code points to the Android API 26, Barem SDK 26 and NDK 18, which means that Android 5.0 Lollipop becomes the minimum operating system for installing the application. This should not be a problem for a large majority of users, as the latest Google data suggests that 88.9% of Android phones have Android 5.0 or later.

Android 5.0 Lollipop becomes the minimal version of the operating system to access Code 18

Another of Kodino's new functions is that you can move the application to the SD card, an interesting feature for those who like to have the internal memory of the device as clean as possible. Last but not least, Android MediaCodec is now being used instead of the original GDR interface, which should improve performance.

Code 18 & # 39; Leia & # 39; can now be downloaded from Google Play and the Own Website Code. If you are already a user, you will not have a problem but if you have not yet used it and you want to start, here is a complete guide to taking the first steps.



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