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Concerns over electronic cigarettes are mounting: there is serious practice at Hospital de Clínicas – 10/21/2019.

"We must start from scratch in the vaping industry to gain the trust of society and by working with regulators, politicians and stakeholders to combat their use among the youngest, while providing alternatives to adult smokers. "

Juul, the leading electronic cigarette brand in the United States, announced last Thursday suspension of sale nementol flavored beverages while the Trump administration prepare a national banafter I met the first death – last September – due to lung problems associated with vaping, in Florida.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (government agency), 26 deaths and 1,299 lung injury cases were reported by October 8th. related to the use of electronic cigarette products or vaping in the country In Argentina, it was reported from de Clínicas Hospital that there is a boarding school in serious condition with a disease associated with vaping.

Adam Hergenreder almost died from an electronic cigarette

Adam Hergenreder nearly died from an electronic cigarette "If I knew what I was doing with my body, I would never touch it. It was scary," he told CNN last September.

Juul, a leading electronic cigarette brand in the United States, expressed self-criticism:

Juul, a leading electronic cigarette brand in the United States, expressed strong self-criticism: "We have to start from scratch in the vaping industry to restore trust in society."

How are electronic cigarettes? These are cylinders with a diameter of three centimeters in length 10. They are usually metallic and have a battery that heats up the fluid introduced as in a nebulizer and, in general, contain nicotine and aromas.

What's going on in Argentina? For the National Medicines, Food and Medical Technology Administration (ANMAT) 'electronic cigarette It's not a safe product. there is no evidence that this creates reduced damage given conventional cigarettes, neither is it effective to quit smoking. "Therefore, as of 2011, provision, 3226/11, prohibits the import, distribution, marketing and advertising or any other form of promotion throughout the market.

The Ministry of Health of the nation recently presented the preliminary results of the 5th edition of the World Youth Smoking Survey, which is included for the first time Consumption of electronic cigarettes: the situation becomes worrying, especially with teenagers.

The results show that 7.1% of high school students between the ages of 13 and 15 electronic cigarettes are currently consumed in our country, and sometimes 14.4% of students have tried them. In adults, the rate drops significantly to 1.1 percent.

Health is urged to avoid the term vaping / vaping,

Healthcare is strongly urged to avoid the term "vaping / vaping," invented by industry, which sounds cool to seduce and fascinate more consumers and older people. The verb must not be changed, it is still smoking.
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"While Argentina launched the region to ban it, e-cigarette consumption has grown significantly in the last three years, while in the United States and Europe its development has been around since 2010, "says Verónica Schoj, national director of health promotion and control of non-communicable diseases." The truth is, yes figures in our alarm country, because 16% of 13- to 15-year-olds smoke cigarettes, but it turns out that almost half (7.1) are prone to electronic ones. "

Schoj is talking bugle that one of their biggest concerns is that “young people ignore what they smoke convinced that the electronic cigarette was less harmful And it's not proven. children they don't know that electronics have nicotine, the situation we checked in the Sedronar poll, where ensure that it fumes with aromas. I do not believe. "

In this regard, for Ignatius Drake, coordinator of the National Tobacco Control Program, “electronic cigarette it is a means of triggering nicotine addictionas numerous studies have shown that young people who use electronic cigarettes are likely to start smoking other tobacco products, leading to an increased risk of addiction. "

"I have to recognize that I was surprised by the news that came from the United States with the death caused by this new habits, and also because of pulmonary diseases that create the substances that are aspirated there, ”says Carlos Luna, professor of pulmonology and head of area at the Hospital de Clínicas.

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The main substances contained in the electronic cigarette are propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine at various doses, optional flavors and in many cases THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive component of the mood) of the cannabis plant.

"We have a young patient we are treating at the Clinic unknown disease without specific treatment associated with an electronic cigarette: it has severe organic and functional lung degradation, which are white, ”says Luna.

"Cigarette-related diseases, such as COPD or even lung cancer, take years and even decades to develop, but lungs associated with vaping can be triggered for weeks"Luna warns. With what symptoms? Abdominal pain, gastrointestinal symptoms, respiratory failure, pneumonia."

Luna concludes that "within respiratory illnesses, the one associated with vaping is the one that most amazes us with the worrying development and, at the same time, a little information. We have to bring it with tweezers, but I would be encouraged to say that A regular cigarette is less harmful than an electronic cigarette, because at least we know what it contains. "

Roxana Berenguer, a bronchoscopist at de Clínicas Hospital, talks about a 30-year-old patient who "in a serious condition, with a respirator and his situation is critical, but in this scenario it is better than when it came in, "he relates bugle, "At first we thought it was severe pneumonia, but then we discovered alveolar proteinosis, a rare disease vaping related, "Berenguer says.

The bronchoscope reveals that the youngster smoked tobacco at the age of 15, between one and two packs a day, until seven months ago, when he started an electronic cigarette. "About 90 days ago he began to experience severe chest pains and considerable shortness of breath, until his tomography revealed an unusual color of his lungs and advanced organic decay, "Berenguer points out to this patient a witness who is very sensitive but stable.

"Adultery, epidemic"

Mexican, infectologist and internist, professor at the University of Guanajuato, Alejandro Macía is very aware of what's happening in the United States, which he defines as "an epidemic that has to do with the adultery of fluid electronic cigarettes, "he told this media WhatsApp." It's best not to suffer, of course, but it would be a serious mistake to stop vaping to smoke again, For now, what should be advised is who can leave it and who can't, avoid buying stock from the black or unregulated market".

Macía does not agree at all to defend the cigarette or to give her the character "more good or less harmful. This is a serious mistake, tobacco is more harmful than vaping due to epidemiological evidence, which does not mean that vaping is safe, especially when it comes to black market goods. "

Finally, a Mexican doctor demands that no collective psychosis be created, "Who smoked tobacco and left it to switch to electronics is a good decision if he plans to quit everything in the near future. But I advise against the orphanage if he wants to remain an active smoker."

Schoj lifted his glove and strongly urges the avoidance of expression vaping / vaping, "invented the industry, what sounds like fresh to entice and fascinate more consumers from an older age. The verb must not be changed, it is still smoking, "and adds bluntly:" This is not gas-phase water, it's obviously a spray It contains four groups of toxic and carcinogenic compounds called carbonyls, nitrosamines and heavy metals. And also found to have more chromium, lead and nickel than ordinary cigarettes".

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For this family doctor and epidemiologist, the inevitable trap is that the electronic cigarette tastes to tempt the youngest. "They come from plums, strawberries, chewing gum, which makes it very attractive, very tasty, especially for a particular segment. "Schoj emphasizes that these aromas"they are very toxic to the lungs, because these are products that should be taken orally and not reach the lungs that are badly damaged. "

As for the adult world, Schoj is calmer "because Come on email to quit tobacco addiction, it’s like a shortcut, logical path; on the other hand, it is also a sacrificial segment of the installed product of the belief that fraudulent marketing by tobacco companies (the creator of this product) is less harmful. "

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In Argentina, there is a high rate of teenagers smoking electronic worries: according to a survey by the Ministry of Health, 7.1 percent of boys between the ages of 13 and 15 do so.

In Argentina, there is a high rate of teenagers smoking electronic worries: according to a survey by the Ministry of Health, 7.1 percent of boys between the ages of 13 and 15 do so.

Data from Argentina show that 20.2% of students currently consume some tobacco products (18.7% men and 21.4% women) and 18.0% consume cigarettes (17.6% men and 21.1%). When it comes to youth access and accessibility, it remains a concern a large number of minors who were not prevented from shopping Due to his age: 8 out of 10.

"Most don't leave"

Tobacco expert Juan Schottlender is a pulmonologist at María Ferrer Hospital and is well versed in the history of electronic cigarettes, "born with the ability to quit smoking has generally been a more serious alternative. But over time, it has been noted that most did not leavebut it was just a change in spending and in many cases double consumption "He says.

Schottlender agrees with Scho yes vaping sounds lighter, "but it's wrong to call it that It is a spray that has toxic substances and carcinogens, but the truth is that it is less harmful than cigarette smoke, which contains seven thousand toxic substances, 70 of which are carcinogenic. A regular cigarette kills half of those who consume it", explains the doctor, who is also surprised by the magnitude of the facts." It's much more harmful than I imagined. "

Schoj believes that you can still control illegal spending based on joint work conducted by the Ministry of Health, Anmat, Sedronar and Enacom. "We have already met and established ourselves a series of guidelines and operational procedures to strengthen control and control indoor consumption, online sales and stealth advertising, which is reproduced in an accelerated manner. "

"The main difference between a regular cigarette and an electronic cigarette is that it is the latter No combustion, a process that activates 50 carcinogens, and tar, among them, promotes the appearance of free radicals that cause cardiovascular disorders, "says Cristina Borrajo, a smoking expert.

But in line with the rest of the respondents, Borrajo emphasizes this vaping is nothing harmless, "Contains chemical, propylene glycol, which, when heated to high temperatures to create steam, produces nitrosamine, another carcinogen."

Talking about his news in Argentina, where it was banned, Borrajo, the former president of the Argentine Association of Respiratory Medicine, says that "is tied to what's happening in the United States, And if it shows the actual damage it caused, I suspect the controls will be tighter. "

To the large number of turned teens vaping, Borrajo is not surprised by the figure "because that's the policy since the tobacco industry that first imposed the concept of "less harm", who are easy prey and those who think about quitting smoking, convincing them that this is the best way to quit. "


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