Covid interrupts the call of the PEACE teacher of PRimaria

Teresa Benedito, SEMG Secretary General.

Teresa Benedito, a professional in El Ejid (Almería) and Secretary General of the Spanish Society of General Practitioners and Primary Health Care (SEMG), is one of many family doctors who have decided he would not continue to be a teacher.

“I resigned this year. I don’t actually have any residents, because in my health center out of five doctors who work, there are currently three. This is not a consequence of medical leave or Covid-19, but because for many years very abandoned and to be in a critical situation, ”he explains.

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So, with two colleagues less (one went on a transfer and the other went from public health to private), and given the fact that her summer reinforcement, a graduate preparing to appear at MIR for the second time, is leaving in August , concluded it was not the time for residents. “I don’t think I can train the situation in which a health center finds itself“he says.

Resign “with all the pain in your heart”

And that resignation was made “with all the pain of the heart.” “I really enjoyed having residents. I like that. But It is not possible to consult with this overload and be responsible for creating MIR. That’s why I refused. ”

“Health centers are overloaded. The increase in cases among the young population is very important. Very important efforts must be made to ensure that this population can be vaccinated, which is currently very vulnerable,” he says. They are now being treated, as are the rest of the Covid cases, which have been added to other pathologies. “In the last month, I have met three patients from the office with a diagnosis of cancer“He explains. His priority is to conduct counseling. And if that is not achieved during the working day, in which domicile notices and emergencies are added, less will be able to devote to training.

Pavidemia Covid changed everything

It had a resident two years ago. She had to complete PEACE during the pandemic. “Until then, I really enjoyed your year of residence. It is very enriching to be a tutor. It forces you to learn, to put in a lot more effort. That makes me very happy. “But in March, everything changed with Covid-19. They were without a number of trackers until a few months later.

“The MIR residence was cut off and they were sent to the hospital to take care of emergencies. The rotations were stopped. There was a stop,” he says. The resident could not benefit from this training period, which was determined to be a must it seems. That was before and after. Primary care physicians experience many very severe consequences. The overload has multiplied, and at the same time the right to choose after a year of hard work. There is a lot of emotional burden, both in consulting with deceased patients and on a family level. It was a very difficult year for the medical staff in which we put a huge effort and recognized very little, ”he says.

For her, to ensure that doctors stay in Spain and to improve working and economic conditions It is imperative that family physicians commit to continuing to teach residents in the future.

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