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Create an operating system for the end of the world | technology

If the end of the world was around the corner and we would run out of electronic devices or the internet, the operating system would already be prepared so that the most loyal could continue communication.

Development software Virgil Dupras created an operating system called OS collapse that can be made with recycled material or salvaged parts in post-apocalyptic hell. The idea behind this operating system is that humanity does not have to start over and there is already a way to continue communicating with the rest of the world.

The researcher points out that when a society fails and consumer electronic products are no longer available, priority will be given to those with the necessary materials and knowledge. To do this, Dupras created an operating system that can work from materials that can be found in the environment.

The post-apocalyptic world will not have factories that can create new parts to produce technological products, the engineer points out that the key will be to reuse existing parts that will be scattered around the worldSo, in principle, this new operating system could work with all that backlog and broken pieces that we would find in the environment.

In particular Collapse OS would work Z80-bit Z80 microprocessors because they would be very easy to find and easy to install in panels. Unless they sound like you, these types of microprocessors can be found on desktops, cash registers, music instruments, graphing calculators and the like. This way, Collapse OS could be run on makeshift machines with the rest of the parts, allowing the user to edit text files, read and write.

The project is surprising, but for now it is a project that seeks help. We'll see if other engineers are interested in creating this type of operating system for the post-apocalyptic world, though perhaps in those times people may be more concerned with finding food and surviving than creating computers.

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