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Cristina Kirchner's video set for the last day of the year: "Let's get rid of it with humor"

December 31, 2018

Through its Twitter account, the former president has decided to invoke the controversial video of irony. That is the message he answered on his social networks.

2018 has been left and is approaching 2019, and so many decide for this year's state, and say what they are expecting for the next few days.

That's how he did it Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, who with her children Máximo and Florencia and other relatives, at her residence in Río Gallegos.

Former President of the nation did this through his Twitter account, though with a very specific message. There he released a video that over the past few weeks became a virus, where a worker who talks in January 2018 with his version of December 2018 tells him everything that happened this year.

On the pictures that have arisen Cristina Kirchner mention is made of the increase in public transport, gas expansion, the IMF agreement, the inclusive language, the World Cup in Russia and the end of Libertad, and even Martín Fierro de Oro from Mirko, in a fairly ironic way, even though it was omitted what happened to the notebooks of the bribe.

"The year full of bad news, we will release it with humor. You must have seen it, it's one of the best videos of the year. For those who did,, published in his current Senate Nation account.

and Cristina Kirchner added below: "And for 2019, strength is beginning, the best wishes for the Argentinians and the Argentines, always united, forward, with our flag and with much love."

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