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Cuba travel has led to speculation and has more suspicions regarding Cristine's candidacy

In Kirchner there are those who suspect that the former president might retire Source: Archive – Credits: AFP / Alejandro Pagni

Contrary to the political speculation that caused his path to Cuba,

Cristina Kirchner

Over the next few days they will not be silent and, say in their environment, they will only define whether they will be a candidate at the end of the list, scheduled for June 22.

"Reading is done by those who make it, the journey is strictly personal, Cristina went to visit Florencia," Patria replied on the electoral interpretations of the ex-president's announcement.

"It was decided to make a video because we knew that [Claudio] Bonadio wanted to filter information with negative connotation, "they added from the Kirchner bunker.

In a video that is broadcast on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts,
Cristina Kirchner said that Florence was "unable to sit or stand for a long time" and "the" deterioration of the girl's health was attributed to the "fierce persecution she was exposed" and "brutal stress". "who suffered." Then he learned that Florencia was treated in Havana
a picture of lymphedema.

Florencia Kirchner, in the video her mother discovered
Florencia Kirchner, in the video her mother discovered Source: LA NACION

Interpretations were raised in political circles as soon as the video became public. with

Florencia Kirchner,

The only member of the family who does not have the privileges abroad, the former president has put the race in the presidential election, some said. In that reading, the video worked as a launch campaign.

The journey also prompted the opposite of interpretation. Her daughter's health deteriorated gave Cristini Kirchner a good argument to retreat, she realized other leaders of Kirchner's universe, whose reading was reinforced by the statements of former ambassador to the Vatican Eduardo Valdes, one of the last to see Cristina before her trip to the island where she was received by the Cuban Chancellor Bruno Fernández Parrilla.

"At this point, the candidacy does not make sense because it is not normal for a person to be invited to eight investigators on the same day," Valdés said to Radio La Redu, referring to the latest calls from Judge Bonad. "If the price is constant hate, I do not think it's coming," he added.

At the same time, the sector of the group closest to the former president, such as La Campora and Nuevo Encuentro, wants Cristina to appear.

Patria Grande Front, led by Juan Grabois, yesterday followed the operational noise it launched last Monday to impose the definition of the former president. The Grabois Strategy has reached Plaza Mayo. Princely, the social referent showed a nudge parade of Casa Rosada with the legend: "With it we won". And he asked to "defend Cristina".

The invoice passes

Cuba's trip to the former president concealed bills circling after the defeat in Neuquén. "You need to know how to take care of the queen," he said.
Nation deputy deputy, angry about the decision to join Cristina in a campaign that ended with the remote Ramon Riosec, the Unidad Ciudadane candidate and the PJ for the Neuken government. Behind the fate of Riosca, the expectations of those who promote an agreement between peronism and Kirghizm have accumulated.

The former president will continue his activities in Argentina on Monday, 25th, three days after returning to the country, scheduled for the 22nd Intendant of the province of Buenos Aires, expecting the summit between Cristina and Sergio Massa, allowing broader electoral fronts. On the other hand, almost no one expects to may have come closer to Robert Lavagna, who in the last week accelerated his meetings in search of support to jump to escape to succeed President Maurizio Macri.

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