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Did Prince William ignore Meghan Markle?

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December 31, 2018

After a few rumors of a poor couple's relationship, the Duke of Cambridge would escape Prince Harry's wife at a Christmas event.

William is fine

For a few weeks, the world media have pointed out a tough relationship between the prince's money William and Kate Middleton with your brother, prince pillageand his wife, Meghan MarkleIn addition, in the last public appearances of the couple at the Christmas event in Sandringham, you can see the pictures where the Duke of Cambridge Avoid your power. Obviously, according to several British portals, the bad attitude of the Duchess Sussex It will be with the future king of England, not with his brother.

As the couples left the place, Meghan Markle turned to William to tell her something. As you can see in the first few seconds of the video, the Duke of Cambridge decided not to answer and adjust the scarf. Then he loved returning Kate Middleton to the center of the picture.

Quickly, Duchess have another conversation between them. This scene has published the list Daily Mail did the press that specializes in the nobility highlighted the bad relationship of brothers right. Moreover, Prince Harry was not careful about Middleton, since he was just watching the group away with his brother.

Low price! They found Kate Middleton shopping at work

However, that would be another detail in the weighty link pairs. A few days ago, the news that the Sussex princes would move in the first days of 2019 Kensington Palace, where to live with the princes Cambridge, according to the residence Frogmore Cottage.

Ardent Troy! Meghan Markle would cry out to Kate Middleton

Also, a few weeks ago, a newspaper reporter telegraph Camilla Tominey, he convinced the royal ladies fighting for the dress Apple piebecause her mother did not want her to wear the same clothes as the other girls who followed her Markle to the altar. These bans triggered Middleton's tears. "Kate had just given birth to Prince Louise and was very sensitive." Tominey assured her. What's more, in the pictures of that day, it can be seen that daughter Kate and William later married, the rest of the girl.

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