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Did you abuse a little niece? | Mendoza

Irañeta arrived yesterday at noon at the Office of Sexual Integrity in Mendoza City, in the company of her attorney, and after hearing the charges against him, she refrained from making a statement. The athlete is formally charged with seriously unintentional sexual assault, a criminal offense punishable by a sentence of 4 to 10 years in prison.

Despite charges, Iraqis was released because his lawyer, Dr. Juan Carlos Ruiz, failed to be detained after several appeals. It is that the prosecutor in the Gustavo Stroppian case, with investigative progress, requested his detention and did not give room for the defense to go to jail. However, Ruiz complained about what the prosecution had dictated and found a barrier to justice, this time Judge David Mangiafico. This would not be the last attempt on the side of a footballer, who, after another appeal, had achieved freedom of expression.

During all these hearings, the player was a fugitive and had a national and international record sequence. As a condition not to be arrested, a half million million bonds were issued to the defendant and the inability to leave the province of Mendoza. In the continuity of the case, it is expected that in the first days of February, a Gesel camera for victim and psychiatric skills will be created for the accused, key tests for the future of the case.

There are so many reservations about the case that details of the alleged crime are unknown at this time. Right now, Justice has found elements that could be attributed to a footballer.

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Ignacio Irañeta has so far played National B in a 75 percent match of Independiente Rivadavia, a club fighting for the Super League promotion. Of course, since the complaint became known, it stopped appearing at training.

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