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Diego Reinhold left cell phone but came back, took a microphone and complained – 31/01/2019

It all went smoothly. Diego Reinhold (45) gave a message from Ville Carlos Paz Summer flower, a program that The vision flower (43) leads City Magazine, when a series of persistent questions he was disturbed unexpectedly left the cell phone.

The absurdity of the air, which surprised everyone, happened this Wednesday when it was from the floor of the cycle, the panelist "Pampito "Ariel Perello began to wonder about Diego's participation in Dance 2014.

"It was a controversial year for you, you were in the eye of a storm … so I'm looking for …"the reporter said when he saw the respondent had no answer.

"But controversial why?"the comedian interrupted," Because you've been fighting with everyone. You fought Nacha (Guevara), p Angel (From Brita). That's why I say that, "Perello Aciar replied.

"How about Angel? No, I do not understand …"Reinhold reprimands."Yes, you fought with Angel de Brit and Nach Guevara. Or am I crazy?"Pampito repeated."

"Nacho nothing more"said the actor in relation to the strong fight he had with a singer when he had to dance on a dance floor. ShowMatch, "And with Angela de Brito too"insisted a journalist.

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"I just do not understand why you're talking to Angel. What was the fight with Angel?the humorist hurried at that moment.

Then Perello tried to force him to remember: "Production." Summer flower, which is very fast, just found transition with Angel de Brito, I do not remember, but it was for …

But Reinhold did not let him finish. "Oh, they're heavy guys"exclaimed the actor as he stood, took off his back and left him in a chair in which a few seconds before he was radio

– No, I do not like being left as a liar. The fight was because they did not enjoy the monoliths so much"Pampito ended, though Diego was no longer listening."

"What a small tolerance!"The journalist complained in laughter at that point, Rocío Marengo (38) said: "What is happening is Nahuel (a chronicler who was on a cell phone) He loves me so much that you broke Pampit … what an ugly moment".

"Guys, what happened?suddenly asked Flor with a serious and distressed tone Mar del Plata, where he works with the musical season Pa Argentine.

– Two minutes I'm careless and you take someone from my cell phone Pampita! "The driver added, in the middle of laughter, the panelist could not even explain what had just happened while the camera showed that Reinhold left the place, all of a sudden something unexpected happened again.

When the actor realized that he was still in the air, he ran back, took the microphone and complained:400 pcs of spent gas and toll charges. No, guys, that's it. I came here to be treated well".

"We do not treat him bad, we asked." If I do not like it, it's disrespect for people on television. I try not to be my motto is that everything can be set as long as it is honored, and others are answering what he wants, "concluded Pampito.

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