Thursday , May 6 2021

Does Osella leave? The Belgian technician said he would talk to President Franceschy

After the end of the downgrade to National B, the coach cycle Diego Osella in Belgrade That would end. Leadership has engaged him to achieve team standing and goal is not achieved. Osella, at the same time, ended very questioned by fans for "their plans".

This combination, the downsizing reality and little public banking management would speed up their departure before the end of the season: Belgrano will now face Copa Argentina (against Riestre, the day and time to be defined) and the Super Cup Cup (round trips against Lanus).

Darío Cavallo, DT from the reserve, would be in charge of running the team in these competitions by June. But that was not confirmed. In the coming hours, much more needs to be defined. Osella warned that a meeting with President Jorge Franceschi would be held.

Osel Numbers did not reach: three wins, six defeats, and eight rams. He replaced him Lucas Bernardi, who left after the defeat he suffered from workshops 3-0 in Kempes on the 8th day of the season.

Reconstruction of Belgran begins with the election of a new technical director.

What Osella said

"We will surely meet with the president to see what an idea he hasHe said for his continuity, but he did not offer his resignation.

He confirmed that when the team went to descent it was because he did things wrong. "An institution such as Belgrano must have gone very badly to the descent".

"Today we did not lose the category, we lost it in other games," he added. "I have not met the goal, and the president has the right to make a decision".

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