Saturday , May 15 2021

"El Morro García has an open door to continue"

Situation in Santiago & Morro & # 39; Garcia This is one of the novels of this summer passage market. Did the Uruguayan footballer agree with Toluca to join the Athletic team, but ultimately decided not to travel to Mexico City and stay in Argentine football. This was a bother to lead a Mexican actor who issued a statement to the player.

In Toluca's statement, "For non-compliance with ethical rules and behavior that denotes an institution, the player will not become part of the club." "I absolutely reject the statement of lack of behavior and ethics, I hope it is just a misunderstanding and I'm waiting for a correction," El Morro said in his Twitter account.

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This passage of the passing market had no part. During the day yesterday, José Mansur, president Godoy Cruz, talk to Radio La Red and explain how the future of players will leave the institution. "El Morro García has" an open door to the club to continue, he is an idol institution, "the boss said The tomb will play Copa Libertadores this season.

The president of the Mendocino club talked about the possible departure of an attacker into an Argentine football club. "The passage is from." Godoy Cruz and has a contract until 2021. If there is a possibility to transfer it and who will serve it and us, there will be no problem. If not, he will continue to play in Godoy Cruz, "the chairman of the acting team closed.

It is true that the future is Morro García That's unknown. Three clubs conducted the polls, but the only one who sought the input of the player was Estudiantes de La Plata. El Pincha wants to keep one of the figures of the Argentine soccer Super League and is ready to make a significant sum of money for the player Godoy Cruza who will wear the shirt shirt.

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