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Elections 2019: Alfonsín announced that UCR will leave PRO if Cambiemos loses in October

The radical leader puts a possible expiration date in the ruling alliance, at a time when the re-armament in Cambiemos is being discussed.

April 7, 2019

Radical leader Ricardo Alfonsín predicted that in case that President Mauricio Macri lost in the next election, and then there would be another term the UCR alliance with the PRO in Cambiemos "would not follow".

"If they have lost the elections, I think so it would be a chance for the party to say "good, very good, but has won another game, now we can start discussing ahead`. We can meet with forces that think alike, and we must create spaces that are empty in Argentina and represent different forces competing with each other. You should meet in the Social Democratic space, "said the son of a former president Raúl Alfonsín.

"These are not ideas that unite us"

In a radio interview Milenium, the former deputy national said at some point UCR needs to rethink its strategy and "make a decision to join those who equally think to compete against those who think differently, and not vice versa."

"These are not ideas that unite us, they are not socio-economic ideas, "he added, adding that UCR's unification with the PRO in 2015 was" a threat to the Republic "in the case of the new Front Frontier's mandate.

For Alfonsina, UCR should not seek Vice President's candidacy to accompany Maurizio Macri in the formula but to present his candidates within the Cambiemos alliance.

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