Sunday , May 16 2021

Eliminating Hanktavirus: Ten Dead, 100 People Isolated and Efforts to Recuperate Tourism

On Saturday afternoon, he had confirmed the death of a 29-year-old chilean 10 Number of deaths from outbreaks of hantavirus who went to Chubut city Epuyén and has a patagonian region in uncertainty.

An epidemic that already exists 28 positive cases, Last November, during the birthday celebration of a 14-year-old teenager who was among the fatal victims attended by a worker in a country hit by that illness, he did not know him. Although it was initially considered to be isolated cases, it was later established The common denominator among those who was affected was either the presence of a stranger or contact with one of the guests.

"What we see is that the infection is interpersonal, it is obvious that it has a certain capacity or transmission power in this outbreak and this scenario," said the doctor. Jorge Elías, associate medical director of Esquel Program Area, who explained that it was "a unique and remarkable event without precedent" in Argentina, 100 cases are counted annually, and only three in Chubu, "in the usual mechanism of an infection that is in risk activity in a wild natural environment where a long-lived mouse lives, who conveys it."

"In this case, the outbreak is a consequence of interpersonal infection, in Epuyén, there have been 12 cases in the past 30 years, and in this two months there are 26 cases in that place," he added in the program's dialogue. We are not nobody in Radio Metro.

Elías stated that the nearest predecessor was the outbreak in El Bolsón in 1996 with 18 positive cases, 10 fewer than those registered on that occasion. "The specialty in this outbreak is to confirm the evidence that this is a human transmission", he clarified.

In that sense, Chubuta's Health Ministry has ordered hundreds of people to breathe, selectively and mandatory isolation through the courts.

"They are healthy people but are in contact with positive cases and this could potentially positivize they remain isolated in their home and under the precautionary measure with the ban on leaving, which can guarantee that the outbreak is limited, "said Elias, who said the decision sought to" fully implement this isolation and somewhat provide a measure of comprehensive protection to the rest of the community in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic. "

Governor Chubuta, Mariano Arcioni, visited Epuyén last days, criticized the nation's health minister and insisted on encouraging tourism activities that were heavily affected by disease outbreaks in the area. "There were inappropriate manifestations of Dr. Sergius Rubinstein in recommending that people do not come to Epuyén and its surroundings without the information they need." These issues have consequences because you do not have to create a psychosis, but you have to work on prevention"He said at a press conference that he would say" with pleasure "to sleep, eat and even live in Epuyén."

"Without the encouragement that in this complex context the main concern is that we can work in tourism in the province to take care of ourselves in road accidents, there is a high probability of losing lives," said program director Esquel. tourist crises.

He added, "If you are planning to come to Neuquén, Rio Negro and Chubut You can do this with absolute peace because the risk of even crossing with one of these people is absolutely remote, They are isolated at home with the precautionary measure of supervision and exit and Only six patients who remain positive are located within the Esquel hospital hospitals in isolation or intensive rooms".

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