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Elisa Carrió pointed out to Emilio Monzo: "I love him, but he has not given me the word"

The deputy participated in the night Mirthe Legranda Player: Press Mirtha Legrand

National Deputy for CC-ARI

Elisa Carrió

tonight participated in the program

Night of Mirtha Legranda,

where he mentioned his recent book
Life: my time in politics. My religious conversion My privacy He said he had written it because he needed "money" and took the opportunity to read some passages. He participated in a small improvisation with actress Fatime Florez, who acted as Cristina Kirchner, and expressed his opinion on the political situation.

Carrió pointed to the president of the House of Representatives, Emilio Monzo, who would not renew his bank, obviously because he lost power over Marcos Peña. "I love Monzu, but he has not given me a word, this has not happened to anyone in all these years at the House of Representatives, and no president of the council wanted to talk to me," he said. He also accused the legislator of sending Julián Domínguez to convince him that he "interrupts relations" with the government.

He once again supported the government and said Miguel Pichetto was "the best candidate for vice president". "In the elections we play history, we have to have a republic, if the formula wins Alberta Fernandez and Cristina Kirchner we can go back to a regime like Madura." And he concluded, "We've built the Change with Maurice Macri and I'm constantly changing because I believe in the Republic and defend the Republic."

"For the first time since the time of Marcela T. de Alveara, we managed to get a president who is not from PJ to complete his mandate and we achieve this by sacrificing many people, recovering the republic," he said. He added, "If you are robbed of three generations, you will have to defend yourself."

Finally he mentioned the governor of Buenos Aires, María Eugenia Vidal. "For me this is a lovely daughter, please pray for Vidal because it is very difficult to govern the province, be closed and endangered, I love it very much," she said.

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