Tuesday , May 18 2021

Emotional gathering of Marley with the woman who took Mirko into her womb

Driver Worldwide and her son visited Brittany, who performed the baby's pregnancy.

Marley met a woman who took Mirko to the stomach in El el Mundo

In the first appearance of the new season Worldwide (Telefe, On Sunday at 22), Marley lived one of the most exciting moments in the history of the cycle: with which he was reunited Brittany, the woman who led her Mirko in the stomach.

With a visit to Australia Susana Giménez, the driver told his moving story: "She is called Brittany, and she is from the United States, she gave the Russians, I want to tell you because it's not a job, they are the people who do the service, the donation, they decide to do a charity. profile, where I say I help the children of war in Iraq and the girl from Haiti, so they linked us.

And then the cycle showed the picture of the meeting: "Hi nice!" Said Brittany when she saw Mirko. And Marley said to her son, "Do you remember her? You were in his belly.

In the midst of Mirko's idleness at the time of writing, Brittany was very cute with a boy he had not seen for months and half: "It's huge." I can not believe it's the same baby.

"I will always thank you for what you have done, because being the father is the most beautiful thing in the world," said Marley Brittany.

Brittany explained why she decided to take Mirka to her womb: "We always wanted to help the family, we adopted the children, we always help, we always contribute to the community, and one day, my husband and I talked and said we wanted to do something else. your profile, I realized you were the right person.

"I will always thank you for doing so, because being the father is the most beautiful thing in the world," said Marley, who also told him about Mirko's popularity in the networks and all the personalities he had encountered on his travels around the world. .

One of the most beautiful moments happened when Marley talked to Brittany's husband who could not help but was excited as he said, "It was a real experience, we never did anything like it, it was a blessing from heaven. We want you to take the laws so that more people in Argentina could have the same blessing you had "

Do not miss the emotional gathering of Marley, Mirko and Brittany!

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