Monday , January 18 2021

Employees of Maradona ‘s funeral home are missing photos of his veiled body Global World Blog

In the early hours of Thursday, a funeral home in Buenos Aires receives an important order: it must cover the body of Diego Armando Maradona, who died a few hours ago at his home. The remains of the Argentine star went through the morgue, where forensics confirmed the natural death.

Tens of thousands of Argentines are waiting in front of Casa Rosada’s house, where there will be a burning chapel. The work in the funeral business was arduous and the employees could not resist the temptation. They take out their cell phones and take photos of what they consider to be their life’s work. In one of them, a man looks at the camera, puts his right hand on Maradona’s forehead and raises his left thumb. In the second two people smile lying down (there is also a raised thumb, this time protected by a latex glove). They could have kept the picture for personal memory, but they shared it. The only photographic record of the player’s body quickly went viral. The damage has already been done.

Lawyer Matías Morla, a personal friend of Maradona’s, promised on social media that he would “personally find the villain who took the photo” and force “all those responsible for such an act of cowardice.” The star’s family tried to prevent the photos from spreading from the first minute of her death. Doctors who treated him at the house where he died had to leave their cell phones outside, as well as police who performed examinations in the former player’s bedroom and forensics who performed the autopsy. No photos of the open coffin were leaked during a private ceremony that preceded the official awakening at Casa Rosada, held with the box closed. The effort was broken by the finest link in the chain: the funeral home.

It was easy to identify the authors, given the spread of the photos via WhatsApp. The man posing alone is called Diego Molina. The oldest in the second photograph is Claudio Fernández; the youngest is his 18-year-old son. They were, because they had already been fired, employees of the Pinier vigil, located in the La Paternal district, near the house where Maradona lived when he played for the Argentinos Juniors.

Pinier has worked for the Maradona family and Claudia Villafañe, the Argentine’s ex-wife, in the past. When the scandal raged, Claudio Fernández spoke. He confirmed that the young man accompanying him in the picture was his son and apologized to the family. “We were accommodating [a Maradona] before he took it, and my son, like any child, raised his thumb and took the photo. I ask everyone for respect and forgiveness. Listen, I served Maradona’s father, brother-in-law … I was with Maradona while he was alive. I have not done this in my life as my idol, I will not do it even when I die. I know a lot of people are offended, they took it badly, I know it bothered me, ”Fernández said Radio 10 from Buenos Aires.

Fernández explained that the photo was not taken by his mobile phone and that they did not pose for the camera. “At that moment, I thought, nervously, that Maradona looked good. If you see the photo, I just raised my head because they told me ‘skinny’. It was instantaneous. I’m one of those people who doesn’t think out of thinking about taking photos with coffins and the dead. I never thought they would pass it on or pass it on to the group, “he explained. He then condemned that Argentinos Juniors fans threatened to kill him.” They know me because I’m from the neighborhood. They tell me they’re going to kill us, they’re going to break our truck. ” The whereabouts of Diego Molina, the protagonist of the second photo, are announced.The team’s management announced on Thursday an irrevocable decision to expel him as a partner for insulting the memory of the idol.In other news, messages are circulating on WhatsApp Bottle.

Dissemination of unauthorized photographs is a private crime, and someone from Maradona’s family must file a criminal complaint against the perpetrator. That hasn’t happened yet.

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