Monday , May 17 2021

Epidemiological warning in case of measles case confirmation chronicle

The Minister of Health of the Nation issued an epidemiological warning "high risk of measles migration" when he confirmed a case of illness to a Russian tourist staying in the city of Buenos Aires, Puerto Iguazu, Misiones and Montevideo in Uruguay.

Man, 39 years olds "circles through those cities during the transmission period" disease, so the body is stimulated "those who are exposed to fever and skin rash to immediately consult with healthcare providers who inform about the background".

According to the official part, the tourist "no known history of vaccination" He entered Argentina on March 9 and started feverish on the 14th of this month. "adding a rash (skin rash) three days later. "

On March 23, the patient returned to his country.

"As the airway disease is high, whose transmission period in this case ranges from 13 to 21 March"The Secretariat announced flights made by the man to warn other passengers.

These are Andes 570 flights from March 14, traveling Buenos Aires-Puerto Iguazú and 571 companies on March 16 from Puerto Iguazu to Buenos Aires.

The patient also boarded Buquebús from Buenos Aires in Montevideo on March 17 at 6:38 and returned the same route that day at 21:34.

The National Health Authority asked those who shared these travels "Immediately consult your nearest healthcare provider who reports this history of exposure to fever and skin rash."

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