Exceptional comment by Flor de la Vea against Viviane Canosa live: “It’s the same tiling that was gossiping”

After forwarding a report with a strong editorial he captured Viviana Canosa in its program by vigorously examining the health passport initiative, Flower Ve He took the floor and pointed no filter at the driver.

“For me, it’s tiling, but elevated to power. When he says ‘I have two passports, one European. Look, my grandparents came on ships. I have two passports and I show them to your face, ”the live panelist joked Afternoon, after listening to the leader’s sayings.

“It’s the same tiling that worked here America and he was gossiping, do you remember when he threw bombs? Which came with polyester sweaters and eco-leather buccaneer boots. It’s the same, but now a little more tuned and dropping bombs. I know a lot of society likes this and it feels like it represents it, but for me it’s tiling, ”he added spicyly.

“(Viviana Canosa) is the same tiling she used to do here in America and gossip. Do you remember when she dropped bombs? That she came with polyester sweaters and eco-leather noise boots. She’s the same, but now a little more tuned and pulling. bombs “.

Finally, Diana Deglauy he captured the meaning of the health passport: “It is talked about all over the world, including Argentina, although it has not started to be used. It’s the kind of card that guarantees you’ve given yourself the vaccine. This has raised a debate over whether it is correct or not, as vaccination is free and not mandatory in Argentina.

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