Monday , May 17 2021

Exciting view of Juana Viale at Mirth when I asked her about the novel with Cceres

Juana Viale and Luciano Cceres are in Mar del Plato for the summer season. Both actresses in El Ardor and, in addition, Cceres directs Juan to the show for 40 days and 40 nights. For this reason, rumors began to circulate so well that the romance begins! As Brito guaranteed in early January, when he discovered that actors were seen to love them.

Both were tasked with denying news in the dialogue with Confrontados. She responded openly: "No, they were wrong, we work hard and are good partners." While he was ironic about it: We are very happy, we have recently been aware that we have been in the couple for a while, enjoying the love that drives us.

However, this is not enough to calm the comments and now even Mirtha Legrand you doubt the information. Chiqui On Saturday he invited them to his desk and took the opportunity to drop a few questions that his granddaughter had disturbed him. On several occasions, diva Highlight the topic. At first I asked Cceresi: Che, you talked a lot about having an affair. What's the truth? Because my grandson does not say anything, I asked without filters.

The boulevard looked away, wanting to intimidate and silence the grandmother. If I do not ask, they say: how does the grandson do not ask. So I ask, and because I want to know, that is justified santafecina, We have a friendship from Stockholm for many years, calmly answered the director, about the series they played together. We are all day together, said the interpreter.

Later, housewife log: You did not answer me about romance, guys. If we answer, we are comrades, the actor explained. How can you not fall in love with such a woman! Mirtha between laughter. She is a touching woman with her beauty. She is a great companion. He is a very special being, cerr l. The conversation took place once more.

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