Sunday , May 16 2021

Exercise: Seinfeld’s method for changing your habits

Do you remember comedian Jerry Seinfeld? He is credited with this method of creating routine and creating habits almost without realizing it. To do this, you need a very large paper calendar that is in a very visible place so that you can find it several times a day. Every night before going to bed Cross the date of the corresponding day with a cross in a very striking color, but only if you have fulfilled all the goals you had for that day. Don’t cheat! If you did not adhere to that day, that day will not be marked. You will see that it will become a challenge to be able to redraw the locker every night and it will annoy you, even visually, every day that is not marked. You will unknowingly create a routine and you will have to cross each box. For this method to work, it is important that the calendar be on paper, not digital.


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