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Facebook shares fell after the massacre in New Zealand

Facebook shares closed on Friday with a 2.77% drop in the New York Stock Exchange after live streaming over that social network shooting today in two mosques in New Zealand, where at least 49 people were killed.

live images of attack, that the hours after the attack continued to be shared on social networks, They're uploaded to Facebook and then shared them on Twitter, YouTube, Whatsapp, and Instagram, and the last two apps are also owned by Facebook.

In that transfer through Facebook Live, Brenton Tarranten appears with military clothes at Masjid Al Noor mosque, with several people with automatic weapons, and during the 17 minutes that the recording lasted, there was a change of the journal at least twice.

Strictly speaking, terrorists have captured and shared the assault on mobile application LIVE4, which allows a direct Facebook transfer using action-linked cameras.

The application is usually used to share extreme sports videos and live music, but the use that the attacker uses is similar to that in video games, since it has adopted the subjective stance of the striker, citing its horrible plan.

Facebook criticism has had an impact on the price of a company that has already been hit after Miss it on Wednesday and the announcement, in the last hours, that he will no longer have two of his top executives: Product Manager, Chris Coxand the person in charge of WhatsApp, Chris Daniels.

In a letter sent to employees, CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, Cox and Daniels decided to leave the company after they worked 13 and 8 years ago.

Cox was one of the first Facebook engineers and considered very close and personal to ZuckerbergWhile Daniels was less than a year behind Vice President of the WhatsApp messaging application after working as Internet Project Manager.

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