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Finally the debate seemed like a debate – 10/21/2019

Before this Sunday, there were two things that reflected on Macri and Fernández's views in the presidential debate. One was the impressive mobilization on Saturday. The other was Cristina's meeting with her candidate, Thursday in La Pampa.

The two touched Macri and Fernández, but differently. In La Pampa, Cristina objected to some of the names Alberto manages or manages for his cabinet. Among them is Martín Redrado, who was eventually fired from the Central Bank for refusing to use reserves to pay off foreign debt as the former president intended in his day. End open or end closed?

Saturday's march rang to the music and music of the best in the ears of Macri. Half a million people in Obelisk that no one even suspected they could summon, even less after beating the STEP. It was a concentration against the direction the campaign was taking and a huge breath of oxygen on the eve of the debate. A triumph against depression and against weakness.

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Psychologically reinforced, Macri was more than in the previous discussion, and Fernández less, though this form of discussion cannot leave much more than what came out. Elsewhere in the debate, voting is heavily influenced. It would be a miracle if I could change the trend of choice here.

With economics, Macri was allowed to hit because he barely hit. Fernández has already squeezed that ridge and much remains to be taken out. She also talks to people about something that people know. Macri wins in the institutional and corruption fields, where Fernandez hurts the most.

Espert was the first to put his finger on the inflammation: “Have you seen nothing?” Fernandez asked. There are things for which words do not reach and things for which words remain. All Fernandez said was that when he had differences, he resigned and went home. But he never reported anythingAnd.

Uncomfortable, he added: "I have never been asked by a judge to explain, unlike Macri, who expects more than a hundred cases …" That is why "I can teach decency." And the rest, what? To strengthen, he linked Macri to Macri Heart and the two with corruption in public works. At best it was a weak blow and Macri reminded him that his late father could not defend himself.

Macri also shot hard from poverty. He said the Peronists had "ruled 24 for the past 30 years and the only great idea they had was to hide it". But he went to the bench when he announced that from January, UVA loans would be adjusted for payroll. The afternoon. And Fernandez noticed him.

The reality was a debate between the two even though there were six main role models. Encouraged by the praises he wished in the first debate, Espert responded this time, but for many it was the most specific. Lavagna skated at the beginning and recovered with that good habit of speaking out even if it doesn't produce results on television. The opposite is Del Caño, who speaks only with slogans as a student activist, and Gómez Centurión, who does almost the same thing from the opposite path but speaks like an army.

End of discussion. Now comes Sunday, and then even if there is no ballot, a month and a half of transition. It would be best to talk seriously about coping with an economic time that seems very complicated.

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